The city under the hills offers a variety of fun this week - dance, cocktails, games and more

Photo: Aleks Di photography

20th August

Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles comes to Plovdiv

This year one of the most noteworthy spirits competitions in the world, the Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles is coming to Bulgaria, putting rakia, our national spirit, and other local spirits in the spotlight. The competition will be held in Plovdiv until August 25 and will bring about 80 influential world experts from the spirits industry together. Having had the honor of judging at this competition for two years already, I can reveal the advantages of this competition and the opportunities it presents before Bulgarian and Balkan spirits producers.

What is the Spirits Selection?

The Spirits Selection is a renowned spirits competition by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles with a rigorous evaluation process. Of course, all samples are blind-tasted and there are multiple checks made by the organizers to ensure that consumers will receive the highest level of satisfaction from the spirits endorsed by a ‘Spirits Selection by Concours Mondial’ medals. The competition is now a traveling one and in addition to the international jury, this makes for a truly cosmopolitan view of the spirits industry. To illustrate what the Spirits Selection has been like so far, here are some impressions and snapshots of personal experience.

Imperial Hotel
20-25 August
Opening: 20 August, 7 pm

No Sense / Cocktail Night

Monday is considered the worst day of the week, so No Sense decided to make it at least a bit better. Their cocktail night will be fresh and summery, that’s for sure.

No Sense
8 pm

22nd August

Kizomba Nights @Vintage House

Traditional Kizomba parties at Vintage House continue. Let's dive into the rhythm of the music, feel the magic of the dance and, most importantly, have fun.

The only thing you have to bring is your good mood, which will be complemented by many dances, emotions, and smiles.

Vintage House
9 pm

No Sense Game Day

Traditionally Wednesday is a Game Day in No Sense. We’ll play beer pong, there will also be board games, foosball, cards and more. No Sense have also prepared for us the craziest beer pong tournament. The entry fee is 20 lv. per team and the winner will receive 100 lv. + another surprise. Chris Tanev will make sure the music and the mood are excellent.

No Sense
9 pm

23rd August

Swingin' Thursdays in August

Every Thursday in Gingertale swing music will sound from dawn to darkness.
In the morning, we'll have coffee and we'll beat time. In the evenings we’ll have cocktails and we'll go crazy.

* Lindy Hop cocktail and Shim Sham mocktail at a special price
* Frequently passing swing mafiosos who can show you a step for a drink
* Free entry

10 am

Sangria Party. Code red!

Sezoni organizes its first Sangria party, where the delicious Spanish drink will be on focus, and the event will be devoted to passion, love and Spanish music! "We’ll present the traditional Spanish cocktail, enjoyed by all peoples in our summer Spanish fairy tale that we will create for you. A tale of passion, Spanish music and a lot of love. Who are the main characters? All of you! The only condition to participate in the fairytale is to wear something red," say the organizers.

Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy
6 pm

Happy Akzidenz

"In the printing industry, small side orders and by association all the fonts used for them, are united in the diverse family of akzidenz. The reasons and the means necessary for their implementation are different - from certificates and invitations to forms and announcements, from voluminous letters resembling a physical object on the flat surface to detailed, gentle as flowers, ornaments. While the main function of the font is the transmission of the meaning of the written, the emphasis here is at the other end of the spectrum, on the text around the text itself and the effect dictated by the specificity of each task. Although the utilitarian often connects with the most simplified, the decorative font also solves a specific task.

The presented works are inspired by the work in the classes in the specialty Graphic Design and Photography at the Academy of Music, Dance, and Fine Arts. At the core of the assignment was a solution to a specific problem. The choice of the task itself was dictated by the individual interests and quests of the students. I chose akzidenz because the term describes the end result very well as rich and varied as the individuality of each of the authors presented. Despite the "lucky chance", "random" play, unintentional was only the choice of the task itself, but not the approach or the finished product. We were on sound theoretical foundations, with attention to historical associations and casual visual effects. The variety of typographic objects aim to reveal the original fonts, their specificity, and context, in an accessible way for the audience."

Coffee&Gallery Cu29
7 pm