This week we'll share our dating stories, we'll listen to rock and we'll practice our language skills

Photo: Tanya Grozdanova

27th August

No Sense Cocktail Night

Monday is considered the worst day of the week, so No Sense decided to make it at least a bit better. Their cocktail night will be fresh and summery, that’s for sure.

No Sense
8 pm

28th August

PerHelios Pool Party

Colibri Pool Bar invites us to a unique pool party. There will be music, gaming & streaming, short movies, psychedelic visuals & more.

Colibri Pool Bar
4 pm
Entry: 8 BGN
Pool pass: 5 BGN

29th August

Story Party Plovdiv | True Dating Stories

Story Party features professional storytellers sharing true dating stories about the time they got played, made, or just tangled up in that love stuff. Did he look nothing like his pictures? Did she talk about her ex too much? Were you so nervous that you spilled your drink in your lap? At the show, you’ll hear the good, bad, ugly but always relatable dating stories.

8 pm

SARS Live in Plovdiv

Having won serious popularity with their regular guest appearances in our country, the Serbian band S.A.R.S definitely has the reputation of the audience's favorites. And it is quite deserved. They are among the hottest bands in the Balkans who gather thousands of fans at their live concerts. The exceptionally fresh band S.A.R.S. will be visiting Plovdiv for the first time.

Summer theater
8 pm
Tickets in the Eventim network and online
20 BGN at pre-sale
25 BGN on the spot

Wednesday Rock Night

All fans of old rock, blues, and heavy metal are invited! From Beatles and Rolling Stones to Pantera, ACDC, Slayer, and why not something of your choice!

Fabric Bar
7 pm

30th August

Do you Dare? - Language Cafe August 2018

Will you dare to talk to strangers, to laugh out loud and just for a night not to care at all? If it sounds just like you - we еxpect to meet you at the next Language Café! If that’s not really who you are- we challenge you! Will you dare to come?

Craft Bar
8 pm