In the middle of September, Plovdiv is full of life and this week we have once again selected the better events

Photo: Victor Tsonev

17th September

Holidays in the Old Town 2018

In September it is time to celebrate together the magnificence of Old Plovdiv!

Turn around in the dazzling dance of times when Antiquity, Middle Ages and Revival meet youth and freshness!

Some of the most delightful sites in the Old Plovdiv (Danchov’s house, Klianti House, Balabanov’s House, Nedkovic House, Hindlian House, White House Cultural Center, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Gallery, Antique Theater, Little Basilica and many more) will open up their doors even wider to art, public debate and their wonderful audience. And even for the most important "Yes" in the life of a whole list of happy couples.

There will be contemporary and classical music on the Three Hills, retro cars will shine under the autumn sun and at night, besides the bright September moon, the blue screen will shine.

There will be a very special day dedicated to the children, too.

There will be exhibitions, workshops, conferences, dances, scenes, crafts fair, smiles and incredible mood!

Because on the Three Hills, Revival, Middle Ages and Antiquity celebrate their happiness "Here and now"!

The Old Town
17-23 September

Cabaret in Balabanov's House

1928. In a cabaret in Vienna ... A lady comes into the coldness of the empty place. She will silently witness everything that is about to happen. Without suspecting anything, the lady takes off her gloves, starts playing on the lonely grand piano and... The rest will happen on September 17 in Balabanov's House!

Balabanov’s House
6.30 pm

18th September

Runner's high in Plovdiv

Lee Jung In Creation / South Korea / & DUN Dance Company / Bulgaria / present Runner's High, Uninhabited Island and Shoulder in Plovdiv - 3 dance shows between Korea and Bulgaria.

Military Club
7.30 pm

Tickets: on the day of the event at the Military Club - Plovdiv
or in advance on 0885 857800 - Denitsa Gerginkova
Price: BGN 10, discount for students: BGN 7

20th September

Escape Room curated by Naomi Lev

FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion presents Escape Room curated by Naomi Lev

There is a fine line between reality and imagination that we constantly attempt to walk. It is not always easy to determine where this line runs and which side of it we are on.
In this poetic collection of videos, the artists test the various boundaries between the fictitious and the real. Contemplating on physics, dreams, fairytales, voyages, and aspirations to fly, they all engage in a fantastic world that attempts to question and break known boundaries.

“How can I know that I am not now dreaming?” is the famous question René Descartes asked himself. Descartes claims that the experience of a dream could be indistinguishable from waking life; any subjective differences that exist between waking life and dreaming, are insufficient to assert we are not now dreaming. In response to that, philosopher John Locke claimed that the inability to sense pain in a dream is a way to distinguish what is real and what is not.

Do we not experience pain in our dreams?

Similar to dreaming, the phenomenon called an “Escape Room” provides a sensory stimulation that imitates reality. It gathers the participants in a semi-artificial environment that provokes conscious and unconscious behaviors.
Through dreams, we recognize the escape room as a place within our own self. It is our imagination that captures us, and it is our imagination that frees us. All clues are available, and all outlets are conceivable.

FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion
20 September – 4 Octomber
8 pm