The first days of the coziest month of the year are filled with cultural events. Check out what (and where) is happening under the hills this week:

1st October

Theater of Responsibility

Following an old Plovdiv tradition, after the hot summer follows a cool autumn, full of countless cultural events. This year for the second time, Theater of Responsibility will be part of this autumn marathon. Between the first and the seventh of October, they will present the second edition of the documentary and socially engaged theater festival - Theater of responsibility - Forum 2018.

During the seven festival days, they will break the Plovdiv scene with six performances that provoke not only laughter or tears but also a little thought (hopefully someone still goes to the theater to think). They will revive different spaces and parts of the city in the direction of contemporary stage forms. They will introduce us to the documentary theater in Bulgaria and Poland. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in two free of charge workshops. Between the first and the sixth of October, you can join in the theater workshop “Inside/Outside the city as a screen” with Magda Szpecht (Poland).

From the second to the sixth will be held the workshop "GamelikeTraining for Emotional Intelligence" with Svetlana Baychinska Ph.D.

On the sixth day of the festival, they invite us to a discussion in “Compass” auditorium in the University Of Plovdiv. Together with the Association for culture, ethnology, and anthropology “Mediator” they will involve us in a pleasant discussion about how theater and anthropology could partner.

See the full programme.

2nd October

Rumen Petkov – paintings and sculpture exhibition

Rumen Petkov is a Bulgarian painter who works and lives in Kazanlak. He has studied ceramics in his birth town Popovo and later has graduated the Veliko Tarnovo University in the class of prof. Nikola Gelov. His works are remarkable with their vivid colors and decorative elements, rich factures, and nuances. We can find the same qualities in his sculptures.

His exhibition titled "Dialogue" will be the 30th solo exhibition of the artist where we can see his latest canvasses and sculptures.

Labyrinth Gallery
6 pm