This week in Plovdiv we will venture into the infinite cosmos of the human mind, indulge in never-ending fun, and take a look at the issue of women's rights in Bulgaria

Photo: Georgi Matov

28th January

The infinate cosmos of the human mind

The unique destiny of the outstanding Bulgarian Prof. Vidin Tabakov will be presented in a documentary exhibition that you should not miss seeing in the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's stepping on the Moon, who was a friend and colleague of Professor Tabakov in the University of Cincinnati.

Boris Hristov House of Culture
4 pm

30th January

Language Cafe - January 2019

Do you believe in magic? Are you a muggle or a wizard? Language Café starts the year with an event dedicated to our favorite wizard, Harry Potter, at a new place.

8 pm
To participate, fill in the form.

31st January

SHE in Plovdiv – The exhibition

She in Plovdiv - The exhibition presents illustrations, photographs, and text devoted to the topic of women's rights in Bulgaria. The opening will take the form of an edition of She in Plovdiv with speakers:

Venera Smilenova and Zapyanka Vasileva-Zi, creators of So Many Stories To Tell.

Violeta Apostolova-Leti

The story of the exhibition:

In September 2018 Ekaterina Karavelova Academy organized a 4-day creative residence with the financial support of the Bulgarian Women's Fund. The magical Rhodopes gathered artists of fine art, photography, and literature together with community organizers who worked in three strands - illustration, text and activism on the topic of women's rights.


In this exhibition you will see works created by the residences:

Venera Smilenova
Elena D. Lulcheva
Zapryanka Vasileva

Violeta Apostovova-Leti

Rositsa Petrova

7 pm
31 January – 20 February

Swingin' Thursdays in January '19

Every Thursday in Gingertale there will be swing music.
In the afternoon, we'll have coffee and we'll beat time. In the evenings we’ll have cocktails and we'll go crazy.

* Lindy Hop cocktail and Shim Sham mocktail at a special price
* Frequently passing swing mafiosos who can show you a step for a drink
* Free entry

5 pm

Try our new beer Cat & Mouse: Dark Cookie

Cat and Mouse invite us to try their newest beer - Dark Cookie. It is a dark ale and will only be available on tap. It is brewed in the newest micro-brewery under the hills - Fabric. The malts of the new Dark Cookie are Vienna, Cara Aromatic, Carahell, and Dark Wheat Chocolate. The hops are Mandarina and Citra.

Cat & Mouse
7 pm

Velizar Dimchev - Never Ending Fun

"The exhibition of Velizar Dimchev is physically composed of several digital prints on aluminum, framed in a fence net, several digital prints on paper, one on textile - curtain, several objects of different trivial materials. The images on these prints are well-known, they are the icons of the popular culture of action, the characters of the pre-digital age culture, who, without wanting to, shaped the world of our generation, have lived the legendary status, formed a colorful pantheon. These modern characters, taught to exploit the basic instincts, imperceptibly politicized the cinematic projection of our world. Of course, these are power positions, roles and management techniques of both individual and group/mass souls. The heroes, with their grotesque, but spectacular heroism, sowed in the souls of the teenage non-Americans an unconditional belief in the rightness of what they are defending and fighting. Since a person is usually the main protagonist, a protagonist of their own history and existence, as the images on the screen dominate their blockbusters, it was not hard to believe that you are the good one, the righteous, regardless of the nuances of personal or group heroism.

In the Never Ending Fun exhibition, visually created or at least treating the viewer as a teenager, and these reflections, which I return to the collective (semi) consciousness of male adolescence with perfect precision, the episode in which the cards were handed out was given. Play them as you please but you will not get any other cards. " – Yovo Panchev

Gallery Cu29
6 pm