Art, dance and music in Plovdiv this week

Photo: Geogri Matov

27th February

Retrospective sculpture exhibition by Atanas Kolev

Atanas Kolev from Austria is having a retrospective exhibition at the City Gallery.

Atanas Kolev was born in Plovdiv and connected his life and artistic career with Austria three decades ago. At the present retrospective exhibition in his hometown, he included 35 plastic forms and sculpture installations, created by him in different periods and with different materials - mainly bronze and inox. Significant for his work in recent years are the works of the cycle "Multiplications in form, movement, and sound". They are made up of a number of separate shapes that are connected by spring elements to a common sculptural installation. Unlike the classic idea for a sculpture, which is static, these forms are dynamic, vibrant, "living". Thus, the author discovered the possibility of expressing moving elements such as wind, fire, and water in form. The works are made of inox, they’re hollow, and every shake makes them resonate and sound. They can even played by professional musicians as they would on percussion, string or wind instruments.

City Art Gallery
Opening: 27 February, 6 pm
27 February – 17 March

Art Liberty - screening

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2019, the only traveling collection of original fragments of the Berlin Wall is coming to Plovdiv.

The collection is presenting the art of the emblematic artists who used to work on the Berlin Wall, among them Thierry Noir, Christophe-Emmanuel Bouche, Kiddy Citny, Indiano, Heinz J. Kusdas, and Peter Unsicker. It will also include works by internationally recognized street artists such as Jef Aérosol (France), Borondo (Spain), C215 (France), John Crash Matos (USA), DAleast (China), FAITH47 (South Africa), Jimmy C (Australia), L7M (Brazil), RUN (Italy), 1up (Germany), John Dolan (UK).

The project is accompanied by more than 30 documentary films by the French director Kristian Giane, sealed the creation of each work of the collection. They will be screened in Plovdiv this week.

Club Fargo
7 pm

Student's party in Petnoto

This Wednesday in Petnoto there will be something for the students. We’ll gather again to listen to the best of the BG and Balkan music during the years and have fun. The liquor will be 50% off for every student.

9 pm

28th February

Swingin' Thursday

Thursdays don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Gingertale is the place where local swing mafiosos go. Every Thursday evening Kapana pulses under their dances and even the pavers move under the sound of jazz.

A mysterious mixed drink can be found at the bar, which can inspire every passer-by to try another drink and why not dance!

5 pm