We're sending April away and welcoming the colorful exciting May with a selection of the better events under the hills

30th April

The Great Value / DJ party

We’re sending April away and welcoming Labor Day with picks and cranes of reefs. Because a man, no matter how long he sits at a bar, at some point jumps behind the laptop.

Rock Bar Download
10 pm

1st May

The Kizomba Party

The traditional Kizomba parties, organized by Casa De Baile, continue.

Let's dive into the rhythm of music, feel the magic of the dance and, most importantly, have fun, as always.

It takes nothing but a good mood to add to it with lots of dances, unforgettable emotions, and smiles.

Vintage House
9:30 pm

May in Gallery 28

Gallery 28 is waiting for us on May 1 for a glass of wine to introduce us to the artists and the artwork that will be comfortably accommodated there by the end of May.

Thumbelina is a brand of high-quality clothing for the dynamic modern woman.
A woman who lives with the hectic pace of the city, looks elegant and stylish in a casual way, she values the nice fabrics and flawless lines of clothes she wears.

Designitsa is a virtual place where good practices are shared that support an environmentally friendly life. The products that are offered are selected with the aim of working with brands that have an attitude towards environmental protection. The Gallery will feature stainless steel water bottles and reusable cups with amazing designs!

Bibi Kopoeva's original jewelry, which will perfectly complement the concept of the month. You will find the jewels of a different and new collection of Mirror, mirror that brings gentleness and elegance!

Gallery 28
12 o’clock