This weekend in Plovdiv we will draw watercolors, learn to swing and meet the sunrise in Wake Up experiment

Cover photo: emilpopchev

6th July           

Open Day at Cat and Mouse Coworking

The newest co-working space at Kapana Cat and Mouse Coworking will open its doors completely free for anyone wishing to concentrate their ideas, potential and work energy in the inspiring environment of the creative district in Plovdiv on Friday 06.07.2018.

From 09:30 to 18:00, all creative people who need a more relaxed atmosphere in the very heart of the city under the hills can reserve their own work place in close proximity to the most popular beer bar in Plovdiv - Cat and Mouse.

Experience the opportunity to work in a creative environment, in a community of people with innovative ideas in a variety of activities, and find out more about the concept and the chance to alternate work with pleasure.

Cat and Mouse Coworking

9 am

Havana in Kapana

Havana will move to Kapana on July 6th / Friday /

Abadjiiska Street will be whirling in passionate Latin rhythms. Charming Vili of DS Mariposa will take care of the mood, so expect hot dances, show program, and fun animation


8 pm

JAZZ Night in Bezisten

Jazz on Friday night in the yard of the bar

Alexandra Ivanova – vocal
Yordan Tonovski – piano

Hristo Minchev  - bass
Kristian Jelev – drums

ROCK’n’BAR Bezisten

9 pm

Creative Saturdays

Creative Saturdays is a new project of Stories Atelier, which will be held every Saturday in Otshresta. It was decided as a natural extension of Let's draw meetings.


The first workshop will be watercolor. Though very difficult, this technique can always surprise you with the end result. We'll introduce you to basic watercolor techniques and start creating beautiful images yourself.

Price for 1 Workshop: BGN 12

Price for 4 Workshops: 40 BGN

The prices include all the necessary materials for work.

7 th July


New York soprano with Italian roots - Joanna Parisi will take part in one of Verdi's most famous operas. Her partners are the Bulgarians with an international career, Ivan Moyrov and Krum Galabov. The show is directed by Ursula Harner. In the title, there are all important ingredients for good theater: love, hate, politics, and intrigue. Verdi's music stays long in the mind of the viewer with its typical entrancing melodies and energetic choral scenes, appealing to revolutionary moods. The exquisite romance that portrays life in the Gypsy tabernacle also helps in the fame of Trubadur.

Antique Theater

9 pm

Organic Electronics at Groove

Saturday night Groove Music & Art Kapana will be a platform for the rapidly growing popularity of Organic Electronics. This time the event will be with a more stirring and original flavor. They will merge into one of their energetic, dance music with the artistic atmosphere of the gallery and all the open space on the street with popular flags and graffiti art.

Groove Music&Art

9 pm

Swinging Tales - First Edition

Lindy Hop Plovdiv in the favorite place for party Gingertale! A magic combination that is a guarantee for endless party night.

Here's what awaits us at the first Swinging Tales:

Open lesson on swing dancing

Performances by graduating students of Lindy Hop Plovdiv

Special selection of prohibition cocktails

Music: Swing Jazz Selection by Bogdan Kovachev

Entrance fee: BGN 5


9:30 pm


Saturday night at BallyClub ➡  dances and good mood will be guaranteed by the talented DJ Manu. From the bar as always ➡ fresh cocktails and drinks.

Bally Club

9 pm


This Saturday awaits you a colorful and summer music selection from our man Buckshot!

And at the bar, we'll meet you with Tim Bourbon. It's masculine like the Bulleit breeze, gentle like Lillet Blanc, fresh as lemon juice and fragrant like Angostura and thyme syrup - a dream!

Club Fargo

9 pm

8th July

"Wake up!" Experiment №∞

This year "Wake Up!" celebrates its 8th anniversary and the number 8 as a symbol of infinity will endow us with an even richer spectrum of experiences. 
For those of you who live through our experiment every year as a tradition, we promise 5 days and nights infused with even deeper information for our ancient traditions and future innovations presented by lectors from around the globe. 

"Wake Up!" Experiment №∞ is our initiative to spread and share what we’ve learned in life, which can enrich each and every person in a different way. 

For those of you who are about to visit us for the first time we will give you a hint that we are going to rise up on the mountain with the sun every morning, we will learn new skills in the crafts zone, we will hear a lot of different viewpoints in the lecture panel, we will get acquainted with local and foreign practices for inner growth. We will witness theatrical plays, cinema, acoustic concerts, theatre of the senses, folklore evenings with kukeri, fire-walkers, pipe players and an infinite horo, while for the little ones the program is meant to give them a taste of nature that will kindle in their hearts love for the earth.

Wake Up

Kuklen village

01 am