We’ve recently prepared for you a detailed list of places where you can seek emergency medical care at any time of the day, and today we will focus on pharmacies open 24/7


Especially people with younger children know that illnesses and ailments often occur at inconvenient hours for examination and sometimes we literally need a specific medication at night. In these cases, the nearest neighborhood pharmacy is probably long closed and we have to rely on the 24-hour places. In principle, by law, each pharmacy window should have a notification not only for working hours but also for the address of the pharmacy on duty for the neighborhood, as well as for those working under contract with the Health Insurance Fund and/or preparing medicines on the spot.

The team of the bilingual digital guide under the hills gathered this information for you and distributed it by regions.

South District:

You can buy all kinds of medicines 24 hours a day from Art-Pharma, located at 64 Dimitar Talev Street (near Kaufland and the former Trakia cinema).

Central District:

The 24-hour pharmacy on duty there is the branch of Framar 23 with address 84 Bogomil Street. Almost next to it, again on the same street - 40 Bogomil Street, is Millennium.

North District:

Residents of this section should be directed to the Centralpharm pharmacy, located at the intersection with Vasil Levski St, 134 Bulgaria Blvd.

West District:

In this area, the 24-hour pharmacy is located in the Hristo Smirnenski neighborhood at 129B Peshtersko Shose Blvd. At 68 V. Aprilov Blvd., shortly after the HMI, is the other non-stop pharmacy in the region - Malyovitsa.

East District:

In case of urgent need for medicinal products during non-working hours, if you are on site, you should go to the Dea Pharm 24-hour pharmacy, located at 8A Prespa Street.

In case you are sure about other places around the clock that we have missed, please include them in the comments so that we can supplement the list and make it as useful and up-to-date as possible for both Plovdiv residents and guests.