Today we’ll go a little deeper into the neighborhoods and reveal to you several places in the largest Plovdiv area


Some time ago, our article on the best doners under the hills caused quite a stir among our readers and was much commented on for quite some time. In it, we focused mainly on the locations in the central part of the city, but today we’ll go a little deeper into the neighborhoods and reveal to you several places in the largest Plovdiv area.

"Kuchuka is not a place for walks", as you probably understood in our text on 5+1 things NOT to do in Kuchuk Paris, but it's worth trying their offers of one of the most beloved street food classics.

Alex Foods

Undoubtedly, they are located in one of the most communicative places in the neighborhood, in close proximity to the shops on Macedonia Blvd. According to most of the opinions, the food is at a good level, but many customers complain about the service. However, probably due to the location, there are often queues there.

Maxi Foods

They are located next to the market of the first Sunny Rays store in the neighborhood. They also have several other sites in different parts of the city. We've come across some reviews that say that this is the best doner in town, but as we've written before, this isn’t a ranking, but rather a virtual walk through some of the places in the area.

Finesse Doner

Almost on the other side of Maxi Foods are also Finesse Doners. The prevailing impression here is that the fries are quite good, but sometimes there are complaints that the meat is fattier. Whether a doner should be greasy or not is clearly a matter of personal preference and pure subjectivity. However, if you're going to explore the doner shops and you're nearby - definitely give them a chance.

Capri Doner Pizza

Close to one of the most emblematic places in Kuchuka – the former Mars disco, at Capri the portions are really big and tasty. We've also heard a lot of good things about their pizzas, so it's worth a try. They don’t have a POS terminal.

Gyro Land

Again, part of a chain, the reviews are often mixed. The gyros are delicious, but the service is a problem at times.

As always, we make no claims to be exhaustive and note that all texts are totally subjective, but you can certainly go wild in the comments and suggest your favorite spots.