We may surprise you, but no, it’s not... Kapana


Bulgarians like to drink and eat out. This is evidenced by the constantly full bars, cafés and restaurants, and there are areas in the central part of the city where you literally can’t pass through because of all the people.

One of the first such places that took shape under the hills is the space around the fountain with the pelicans next to the Municipality building. It's always been a meeting place and there are several establishments that always have their customers. We used to call them the gossip places because everyone was seen and talked about during their walk down Main Street.

Kapana district is the next area, which in the years since its formation, quickly filled with all kinds of inns, pastry shops, and other various places for delicious food, good beer and fun. Perhaps the most densely populated streets there are Hristo Dyukmedzhiev and Bratya Pulievi, but no matter where you go, you will always find a place to sit. The tables are literally placed next to each other, and sometimes you can hardly tell where one place ends and the other begins.

However, we're sure you won't be able to guess what the third such place with so many establishments is.

We recently told you about Little Turkey in the center of Plovdiv and the important social function of the Roman Stadium Square, which has been preserved to this day. Seven streets intersect on it. Here was the first phaeton piazza, then the first taxis gathered here. Later, the first bus lines passed, and subsequently the first trolleybuses in Plovdiv. Today, it is completely pedestrianized and once again filled with dozens of establishments.

Perhaps the oldest of them is Dzhumaya confectionery shop. In the past, it was known for its malebi and ashure, the latter costing only 10 stotinki in the 1950s. An interesting dessert that was offered locally and we no longer have a place to try it is kazan gibi.

In the Roman stadium itself, too, they revived an iconic place less than two years ago. Older generations remember that there used to be a café and then a disco and the popular Arena. Subsequently, there was also an Internet club, and for several years the balcony was empty until the opening of CAVEA, which quickly became a favorite place to relax and sip aromatic coffee.

On the other side, where the stairs are next to the mosque, there are currently three options for eating and relaxing literally just a few steps away from each other. At the top, we start with the latest Niko Bakery site, followed by a few tables of La Sombra, and at the bottom, right on the border with the Kapana district, is Judge O'Neils. It was originally an Irish pub with a fairly large selection of whiskeys, but now it also functions as a café and restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine.

Behind the mosque, along the garden - known as the Seventh Hill, there are also three restaurants lined up next to each other, which have been around for many years and have their customers. So the area is definitely quite populated and is slowly and gradually becoming a competitor to Kapana, and one of the favorite places of teenagers under the hills is being taken over by restaurants and cafes.