We have identified for you 4 locations in Plovdiv that select the best from the coffee culture for their customers


Many of us can’t do without coffee in the morning and its aroma is what awakens us and energizes us for the day ahead. It is not only a drink, but a real passion. Often before the coronavirus pandemic, we grabbed a cup of the aromatic beverage from our favorite establishment on the way to work, or used lunch breaks to enjoy it prepared perfectly in one of the recommended places under the hills. Now, though, we're staying home more and more often, and we don't even have the option of enjoying it outside on the weekends. This has led many of our readers to make their own caffeinated beverage. Whether you prefer it made in a pot, coffee maker or espresso machine, the well-selected variety and blend are of great importance for excellent taste. With the idea that everyone deserves special coffee, the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv has selected for you 4 places that offer a variety of quality sorts to use at home.

It won’t surprise you if we share that the first coffee shop in Plovdiv is located in Kapana. Dyukyan is a little away from the tourist heart of Hristo Dyukmedzhiev Street, but it does entice us with the irresistible aroma of fresh coffee. The master began studying the business concept in the coffee industry more than 25 years ago and went through the school of multinational companies and brands. On their website you can order different blends and varieties of coffee from several different countries and find your own favorite.

THE Family Coffee Roasters is the next place that caught our attention in the search for good coffee. They describe themselves as part of a third wave of coffee bakers seeking to change our perception of coffee. They offer a selection of high quality arabica, whose origin you can trace from the location of the farm, the way it is grown, the degree of ripening and the time of its harvest, and until its arrival to them, where they examine and master it. In addition to coffee beans, you can also buy a variety of accessories from their online store to help you prepare it at home.

SNACK Specialty Coffee is a new Bulgarian brand that finds and brews some of the best coffee available in the world. They use grains that are grown and cultivated in a specific way for maximum quality, not quantity. The coffee they prefer to work with is rated at a minimum of 86 points, always seasonal and perfectly baked. On their website besides coffee, you can choose organic tea or suitable equipment.

Our last suggestion, if you are a fan of Chucky's, is to order it from Dwell Coffee House. With its opening in 2014, Chucky's has become the first in Sofia to not only brew carefully selected coffee grown in some of the world's finest farms, but to speak with pleasure, curiosity and love for coffee as a culture. And drink, of course.

And what kind of coffee do you prefer?