Since last December, when the restaurants were closed and the options were not so many, now we are flooded with hundreds of offers and it’s not easy to choose the best one


Christmas is already behind us and now perhaps the most asked question among the circle of friends is "Where will you be on New Year's Eve?". Since last December, when the restaurants were closed and the options were not so many, now we are flooded with hundreds of offers and it’s not easy to choose the best one.

In fact, for introverts, it's easy. The option of welcoming January 1 at home and in a narrower circle is always relevant and doesn’t even require a lot of preparation and advance reservations. Just invite your family and loved ones and enjoy the New Year's fireworks from the comfort of your own sofa. Some places even offer ready-made menus, so cooking may not be on the agenda.

This is not the case, however, with booking villas and hotels in Plovdiv and the surrounding area. We even think that this would be very difficult today. Most of the lucrative offers have already been booked and the parties have been gathered. Keep in mind that in most accommodation places prices on holidays are significantly increased and they largely pay for the extra work of staff.

An option for which you don’t need a reservation and a cover is to send 2021 away and celebrate the New Year on the square in front of the Municipality. The end and the beginning merge in a memorable way in the New Year's program of Plovdiv, which will start at 10 pm on December 31 and will end only at 02 am next year. The place is the open stage on Stefan Stambolov Square, the host is Deo, and the celebration will be attended by: Kerana I Kosmonavtote, Diana Express, ensemble Trakia and after the speech of the President and traditional horo – the singer Dara. Just dress well and get ready for songs and dances!

The option for dinner in a restaurant is always relevant, as the holiday night suggests a more interesting menu and an occasion to tune in and have fun. Traditionally, the prices of covers for restaurants in Plovdiv vary between 120 - 150 BGN per person, and in some they have provided a children's menu for about 40 - 70 BGN. Keep in mind that not all restaurants in Kapana will be open on New Year's Eve, so check the booking options in advance and hurry to make sure there are tables.

The bars under the hills are also ready with a festive program of popular and favorite DJs to provide your favorite music with your drink. With them, you can enter without a cover after midnight, or pay something in the range of 20-80 BGN, depending on the additional things offered to the drinks. For example, in Kapana, Bally Club has prepared a program with VESSELA, TOMMY RIVERRA & IVO, and you have the option to book a cover of BGN 50 with appetizers, banitsa and champagne included or only pay an entrance fee of BGN 10. In Club VOID, they are prepared for a party until the early hours of January 1, also with a series of three selectors - TECHNOBETON, Pink Tsonk and sayulke start at 11 pm and won’t stop until the morning! In Cat & Mouse, as always, on the 31st it will be aylyak Plovdiv style and there will be beer! If you want to welcome the first minutes of 2022 in the heart of Kapana, there will be nuts and appetizers prepared by us, and there is no entrance fee. We will celebrate without reservations and conditions! The hop drink will have no competition, and the whole atmosphere will be focused on having an awesome time with friends.

And where will you celebrate the New Year?