A forgotten Filibe specialty, which is very rarely prepared under the hills today. See where you can try it now:


It is believed that the beginning was made in distant years and was the work of Topalcheto, in the Catholic neighborhood. Later, one of the most visited establishments that made frog legs was Malkiya Bunardzhik, and Nikola Alvadzhiev also mentions Mihalcho's pub in his book Plovdiv Chronicle with the expression that he "created an era with frog legs". The latter was located in the area of Ponedelnik Market - Tepe Alta. The school fence is now in its place. It has changed many names, but it has always been colorful, known for its fine cuisine and selected branded wines. The owner himself was a big jokester, an innkeeper by heart and by profession.

The frog legs were offered breaded and served with Bulgarian spice mix. Nowadays, they are a real delicacy that is most often associated with French cuisine. Their meat is very refined and delicate. It tastes like tender chicken. Unfortunately, they are no longer such an integral part of restaurant menus and are increasingly difficult to find. We have selected three restaurants for you, where you can try them and judge for yourself whether this is the right recipe for your taste.

Dayana Restaurant

There are several restaurants in the chain and some of them are even open 24/7 and are an option for when you go out in the early hours of the morning after a crazy night of dancing and drinking. They offer the specialty prepared in two ways: fried in a spicy sauce or breaded.

Ostrova Restaurant

Ostrova Restaurant in the city of Plovdiv was established in 2002 and is one of the places with a focus on authentic Bulgarian cuisine. There is a spacious summer garden with a modern children's corner and an interesting menu. They offer the frog legs with butter, garlic, fennel and Pernod.


A place with more than 10 years of history, which, although relatively close to the center, often remains off our culinary radar. They prepare mainly Italian culinary specialties, but their breaded frog legs and buttered frog legs are also not to be missed!

And have you tried this forgotten Plovdiv specialty?