When we want something tasty and satisfying, but don't have time to indulge in a real culinary feast


We've already told you about our team's favorite Italian restaurants, but today we're going to talk about a few delights we love to eat on the go. Italian food is always delicious and there is hardly anyone who can resist it. It is always good to enjoy it with a glass of wine, but we are also glad that in the city under the hills we also have such places that don’t compromise on taste. Some are well known to the locals, but all are slightly off the main street and therefore often missed, but really worth it:

Italian Street Food

The idea for Italian Street food was originally born in London, as one of the most experienced pizza masters, chef Kolev, prepared this concept to surprise Londoners with a unique Roman pizza and crispy piadina. He started the project together with chef Hristo Hristov, who has over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry.

At the beginning of the year, they also opened a site under the hills, opposite the Grand Hotel Plovdiv, where they offer a large selection of classic pizza, Roman pizza, piadina and pasta. The food here is truly magical and many customers say you don't need to go to Italy anymore. Whether you're going to sit down and order a whole pizza, or you'd prefer to try a slice, the next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by for a truly authentic taste.

Fresh pasta

Although a bit tucked away in the alleys along Main Street, Fresh Pasta is not at all an unknown place for the people of Plovdiv. The team started literally from scratch, without any experience in the restaurant business, but gradually with their interesting idea and enthusiasm they became a preferred choice. They use old authentic recipes, and from their showcase you can buy some products to use yourself at home. They started developing and supplementing their offerings, and today you can choose from pasta, risotto, piadina, salads and bruschetta.

La Pasta

What happens when Bulgarian, French and Italian cuisine come together? The answer is one - the different establishment, which a few years ago presented for the first time on Plovdiv soil the taste of Italian street food. This is not just a place, but a small family story.

15 years ago, in Sofia, Florian met his wife and decided to stay here. Over time, he hit it off with her brother, Dimitar, and quite by chance at a dinner party, while preparing a favorite recipe, they got the idea to do something new.

The menu is short, with two types of pasta - classic and whole grain (with spelt flour), several types of sauce and a few desserts. Good pasta is cooked quickly and is eaten hot, on the spot. Then it is most aromatic and you can feel all the spices used. Everyone's favorite sauces are the carbonara and the classic basil pesto.

They are located on Gladstone Street, very close to Tsar-Simeon’s Garden and Lucky Home of the cinema.