Several are the places we can recommend from personal experience, and we are convinced that they will continue to surprise us with new offers

Traditional sushi was made with fish, which has been salted and wrapped in fermented rice, which has been stored for a month. The rice was then thrown out and the fish consumed on its own. Nowadays, people often get confused by associating sushi with fish, but in fact, sushi is also made with fruits and vegetables without fish. Outside of Japan, sushi usually means the whole dish. There are hundreds of types, but several major are the most popular.

In recent years, it has gained popularity in Bulgaria, and the trend is that more and more people discover the flavor of Japanese food and culture. Several are the places we can recommend from personal experience, and we are convinced that they will continue to surprise us with new offers.

Several of the larger chain restaurants offer it on their menu. Happy Bar & Grill was one of the first places that gradually added it to their list, and now they are constantly completing and enriching their now separate sushi menu. The latest innovations are a salad with sushi and countless combinations. On the second floor in their Baumax location, there is a whole sushi booth where you can watch the preparation process.

At the restaurants Victoria (in Ramada Plovdiv Trimontium) and Raffy, you can also find a sushi menu and choose your favorites. We also recommend that you don’t miss the Japanese specialty in Toro Grande, where both traditional and original recipes are prepared in front of the eyes of visitors.

Our next favorite sushi place may surprise you, but we guarantee that Hachiro Sushi at Mall Plovdiv will win you with its temptations. There, we love to eat Uramaki with orange and salmon, which is very fresh and light in taste.

We’re happy that another of our favorites opened their doors at the end of last year in Kapana. Sushi Lovers offers appetizing sushi, prepared following a traditional recipe, preserved for 60 years by a Filipino master, but also various original offers such as burgers, for example. They’ve also thought of the vegans – in addition to a variety of salads, they also offer sushi for them, and we will only tell you that one of the types is with sweet potato, pepper, carrot, zucchini, vegan mayonnaise, and parsley.

At the newest shopping center in the city under the hills, you can enjoy the traditional Japanese dishes, tired after the long shopping. There, on the floor with fast food, there is the Sushi Mushi stand, which also presents us with variations on the sushi culture.

With the food ordering platforms, you don’t even have to go to any particular place, and all you have to do is select what you want to eat with a few clicks. Mixes of different tastes are an ideal way to test and decide which are your favorites.