5 places not to miss in search of the homemade taste


The banitsa is a national specialty and once you’ve tried the fluffy baked crusts, garnished with melting cheese in your mouth - you can't help but be a fan of it. Each part of the country and even each home has its own modification of the original recipe. And for all those who have no one to make it for them at home, we from the team of the only digital guide under the hills set out in search of the most delicious banitsa in the numerous bakeries and pavilions for snacks in Plovdiv.

Tihite banichki in Kuchuk Paris

This is a small bakery, which if you are not from the city under the hills or you are not a sworn party-goer, you have probably passed countless of times. It is known as Tihite banichki (The Silent Banitsas), and hardly anyone knows what its actual name is. The traditional Bulgarian breakfast of banitsa with boza or ayryan is a must, but in addition you can choose from a bunch of other pastries. For a year or two, they also have a site shortly after the Rhodope bus station in the direction of the interior of the neighborhood. They work around the clock, so whenever you experience that beastly hunger for something "greasy" and mad of dough - you can always find something to satisfy it.

Macedonia Blvd

We have firsthand knowledge for another place in Kuchuk Paris that it is worth waiting in queue in the morning. On Google, it is listed as Gibb Bakery, but no one will guide you there if you search for it by this name. It is located from Kaufland in the direction of the Concrete Bridge, after the traffic light of the former Iceberg restaurant, on the second block. Be sure to try the banitsa with butter and the milinka here, but be warned that they run out very, very quickly.

The snack shop next to the Hali on the side of Evlogi Georgiev Street

Especially in the early morning and at noon you will often come across a queue. And this is not surprising at all, because their homemade banitsa, as well as the other option - "bathed" banitsa, are just phenomenal. For less than two levs you can combine them with ayryan and a delicious meal is simply guaranteed!

Bakery Art

We have prepared a whole separate text for them in connection with the Easter bread. But after we tried the banitsa and held an independent tasting with a few more impartial participants, we can safely say that you should trust them for absolutely all delicacies. The masters of pastris really put their whole soul into the preparation and baking of the specialties from the earliest dawn and we urge you to see for yourself.


We also told you about the Hlyab bakery in our article Where to find the most delicious bread under the hills. Then we introduced you in detail to the various types that you can find here at any time of the day, but today we focus on the other part of their activity - Zakuskata. On the roundabout before the turnoff for Ostromila, according to many people living and working in the area, you will find the most delicious pastry snacks. They recommended the bureks the most, and there is another site of this type on Komatevsko Shose, near the big meat shop.

Well, hardly anyone can make the same fragrant banitsa as grandma, but we won’t give up looking and we will go around all your suggestions in the comments!