Holiday season is knocking on our doors and no gift is finished without a beautiful card to it

There are only a few days left until Christmas and we’re sure that you still have to search for the perfect gifts to hide under the tree to surprise your loved ones. If you’re wondering how to pleasantly surprise your family and friends with original gifts, discover the ideas and suggestions for both men and women right HERE. BUT! If you've already done this step and your wish list has already been crossed out because you've bought and packed everything, there’s only one more step for a complete holiday, namely the card!

We, from the best Plovdiv guide, love not only to inform you about interesting places to visit in the city under the hills but also to help you with practical, interesting and original tips for every occasion. On the eve of Christmas, there is no way not to continue this tradition with suggestions for places where you can get amazing, handmade cards that would touch everyone.

When choosing a card for a special someone, it isn’t enough to choose from the standard designs with a printed image of which there are probably hundreds of pieces. If you really want to bring joy to the people special to you, we suggest you choose handmade cards that we can call boutique, for the simple reason that even the best master can’t do the same thing twice. The options are many, and today we’re going to list a few of them.

We shall start with our favorite Rakodelnitsa The artistic place, which seems to keep the spirit of the entire neighborhood of Kapana, will fascinate you with beautiful, fun and romantic cards from a variety of authors all over the country. They will welcome you with a smile and will kindly offer you help in order to make you happy, and the person for whom you choose the card - happy. We can also say absolutely the same thing, and quite definitely, about one of our favorite ateliers, also located on the paved streets of the artistic quarter - Muse. The place is so colorful and rich in handmade gifts, accessories, and whatnot that you’ll forget you’re entering. Their cards are beautiful, modern and made with different details, often with wooden and textile elements.

If you are looking for a fun card, you should take a look at Atanas Hranov’s collection, which you can find in Cat & Mouse. Pink piglets, beer opener, and other strangeness recreate the world we live in through pink glasses. As the artist says: "We take Plovdiv for granted and sometimes it seems a bit gray to us, but the visitors see it colorful." It’s a great way to give a dose of humor on a wooden card whether for the Christmas holidays or for another occasion.

Speaking of the bars of Plovdiv, which host a piece of art, we have to mention the newly opened Groove bar. In the place dedicated to the love of gramophone records, you will find the sensuous and gentle pictures and cards of Dima Ivanova. Colors swirl to each other so harmoniously that by looking at them you will feel a sense of tranquility and prosperity. The young artist's cards are a great addition to gifts for your parents or for ladies with a gentle soul.

Time to get out of Kapana and go to our favorite Otets Paisii Street. Right from the very beginning of the pavement just before the music store, there is a fabulous and magical place that will amaze you with its ideas. There you’ll find wonderful cards created by various techniques. Some are printed paintings of young artists, others are hand-painted, and in some dried plants and grains are woven - a symbol of family and abundance. If you are visiting friends or relatives during the Christmas holidays, it is a great way to show your respect and give them your best wishes.

After all the places listed, which more colorful than the other, there’s no way you don’t find the perfect card to give the finishing touch to the Christmas presents you’ve prepared. But no matter what card you choose, don’t forget the most important thing - the wish! Try to escape the clichés and write what you think and feel. Even if it seems stupid (and we are sure it isn’t), the wish written whole-heartedly will touch and please its recipient. Just be yourself and share the Christmas holidays with your closest people!