With the beginning of the autumn season, tea slowly and persistently began to replace lemonade

No matter whether we want to admit it or not, the summer is already behind us, and autumn has begun to change all the plants under the hills in its yellow attire. The best digital guide lostinplovdiv.com not only informs you about the most interesting events and places in the ancient city that you can visit but also shows you the city through another prism. As the locals see it.

It is for this reason that our small cool team has taken on the task of finding out where the best hot chocolate in the city is. We are sure that lovers of sweet temptations will appreciate such recommendations, but we want to be as exhaustive as possible. Undoubtedly, Afreddo holds one of the top positions in this ranking, in the wide variety of flavors they offer. And there's no way you don’t eat something sweet there.

Another place where you can enjoy a unique delicious, warm, chocolate drink is the Sezoni Cafe, which we have told you about not once. The place has a number of reasons why it deserves to be visited and loved, and after the lemonade season, their warm temptations are also worth trying.

The third place worth visiting for the aromatic hot drinks is Planet Club La Dolce Vita. The popular nightlife place is really splendid for meeting friends during the day. Besides offering delicious hot chocolate, there is a wide variety of coffee drinks and tea that would tempt any connoisseur.

And while our team was expecting a delicious hot chocolate in many places in Plovdiv, the guides of lostinplovdiv.com had a problem - no matter how much we searched for other places to give pleasure to the palate with a glass of melted chocolate, we did not manage to we come across something impressive, like the previous three establishments we have listed.

Какво вече знаете, ние искаме да представим Пловдив такъв, какъвто го виждат и усещат местните хора. Скъпи читатели, настъпи момента да се обърнем директно към вас:

As you already know, we want to present Plovdiv as it is perceived by the locals. Dear readers, it is time to turn to you directly:

Where according to you we can try the most delicious hot chocolate in Plovdiv?

Share your opinion and experience with the tempting hot drink in the comments below and on our facebook page and at the beginning of the month we will post the places you recommend. Offer! :)