We’ve sent you to some of our favorite cafes and restaurants in the now most densely populated neighborhood in Plovdiv, but today we will also reveal where "Parisians" like to party


We are at the height of the weekend and Saturday night is not at all a time to stay home. It is no coincidence that in the warmer months one feels that everyone has gone out with friends and even the most popular places have traditionally been booked since Thursday evening. Kapana and the center are undoubtedly the urban party areas and the small cobbled streets are like a big open air bar until the late hours of the night. But there is still one breed of people for whom the party is not just near Main Street. Some of the residents in the neighborhoods prefer the familiar places and for them,the bars in the center are too crowded and overrated.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills has already shared about some cafes and restaurants in the already densely populated neighborhood in Plovdiv, but today we will also discover where "Parisians" like to party.

eXtreme Bar is located at the very beginning of the neighborhood, shortly after the Concrete Bridge, but is a preferred meeting place for many residents. Don’t be surprised if it is full on weekends, because here you can both drink and eat. The summer garden is spacious, fresh and on the second floor there is even a play area for the youngest visitors. The private lounge is also suitable for organizing any kind of party, so you can often come across bachelorette and bachelor parties.

De Niro is the next place to enjoy your evenings. In addition to the drinks and the kitchen, there are many snooker, billiard and foosball fans here. It is not uncommon to come across numerous people that passionately put their emotions into the game and frantically chase victory.

We can’t miss the iconic Cameo, which opened its doors in 2010. At the time of the previous cafe in this place, the entire area around the bar became known as Camela, and this name has remained to this day. There is also a casino on its back, and the corner has become a fairly communicative location for neighborhood gatherings.

The interesting thing is that in all intersectional spaces and small intersections you may come across separate cafes and bars, where the "locals" often gather. Some are a little more posh, but for the most part the interior is of no importance. Don't expect music bands, cultural events or fancy menu offers, but if you're in good company, the party is always guaranteed.