Some of the biggest bars in Trakia area


It's Saturday night again, and the team of the only digital guide under the hills is ready with recommendations for a fun time out. This time we dedicated our article to all Plovdiv residents and guests of the city, who are in the Trakia district. We often joke with "Thracians" that they have everything they need around them - a cinema, a large shopping mall, many cafes and bars in-between the apartment buildings. That is why even going out on a Saturday night doesn’t need to be in the center, but you can safely have fun and enjoy quality drinks and cocktails right “at home”.

Here are some places in Trakia where you can do this:

Emotion Bar & Dinner is a great place to meet for a coffee or a drink after work. In addition to craft cocktails, the bar offers classical variants of your favorite drinks such as Singapore Sling, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Caipirihna, Margarita and many more. The focus of the menu is on craft beverages, following the latest trends in mixology and cocktail craftsmanship. They are made with super premium brands, specially selected ingredients and are the brainchild of the Emotion Bar & Dinner team. Even though it's not a typical Saturday night bar, it's very convenient here if you just want to see the company in a little quieter place and share the news with each other.

Raffy Bar & Gelato Plovdiv Trakia is one of the newest establishments in the neighborhood. It opened its doors next to another iconic bar, Encanto, and you no longer need to reach the center if you want to try its menu. It is quite spacious inside and is an excellent choice for large parties. The entertainment program of the bar starts in the fall, with Grafa being one of the first guests. The choice of food and drink is quite large, so you can eat sushi, have an interesting starter, or just have a drink after dinner.

Broadway Club is well known to all Plovdiv residents, as the club is from the old establishments in Plovdiv. It is also one of the first with the Bar & Diner concept. The bar offers a great selection of citrus drinks with a lot of exotic and passion, all in combination with brilliant and perfect service. Hookahs, various types of alcohol and cocktails are also part of the menu that makes many people prefer Broadway. Big TVs often run sports events for loyal fans.

We’re certainly missing out on a lot of places, as we try to limit them to three for each neighborhood. However, recommendations from readers are always welcome and even a must. What is your favorite place for a night out in Trakia?