Although it seems not so popular in Bulgaria, the picnic is a great way to relax in nature and spend an unusual day with loved ones, even in an urban environment


It's spring, the birds are singing, the flowers are in all sorts of colors, and our desire to spend more time outside is growing stronger. And if you have already exhausted all the opportunities we offer for new outdoor places and nearby destinations for weekend visits, today we offer something a little more unusual. Although it seems not so popular in Bulgaria, the picnic is a great way to relax in nature and spend an unusual day with loved ones, even in an urban environment.

In Plovdiv it is important to know that picnics are forbidden in Tsar Simeon's Garden, so don't even think about using the lawns there. However, there are a few other places to let your imagination run wild.

Lauta Park

In its current form, Lauta was established only in 2013, when it was improved within various projects and different corners and zones were built in it. A large outdoor sports area, an aylyak area with hammocks and barbecues that allow you to have a picnic, as well as several playgrounds, are just a few of the advantages of one of the largest parks in the city under the hills. The feeling here is of calm and distance from the noise and hectic everyday life, so it is a perfect option for an escape during the weekend without leaving Plovdiv. To use a gazebo and barbecue, it is good to go earlier, but if you are just going to stretch a blanket - you can always find a snug place.

Youth Hill

The open spaces of the hill make it a preferred choice when looking for a place for concerts, sports and cultural events, and the greenery keeps you cool even on hot summer days. At the foot of the boulevard there is a huge meadow, where children and adults can have fun and use for a variety of games and entertainment. There is a convenient place for a mini picnic area, and over the years we have seen many romantic performances even on top of the hill. It is also the highest in Plovdiv and provides a unique view of the city.

Rowing Base/Otdih I Kultura Park

This is the largest green space, which perfectly combines vegetation and nature with water due to its proximity to the Maritsa River. There you can choose an area both along the coast and further into the grove, as well as in the part next to the Rowing Canal. A favorite place to walk and a great spot to watch some of the most impressive sunsets under the hills.

Recently we came across a specialized service in the city, which offers a complete organization of a picnic that you can turn into a real story. This can be a family occasion, a more unusual meeting with friends, or a real romantic experience. With them you don’t need to think about the necessary items to bring or about food and drinks!

We are also waiting for your suggestions for more unusual locations in the city under the hills, because sometimes one really needs to run away from the crowd in the restaurants and "recharge the batteries" in nature.