The team of the only digital guide under the hills has selected for you several tried and tested places from which you can buy it prepared perfectly


Kozunak (Easter bread) is a sweet ritual bread that symbolizes the body of Jesus Christ. It is traditionally prepared and consumed on Easter. In Bulgaria, it was established relatively late, only in the period 1915–1920. Until then, other breads, called kolak, parmak, kravay, were kneaded for the holiday.

It is said that the history of its preparation began in the early 17th century in France, from where it gradually spread throughout Europe. In Russia, Easter rite bread is called kulich, and in Italy, panettone.

To date, it can be said that the Easter bread is no longer just a religious symbol, it has become a food item, a kind of pastry that can be found in stores throughout the year.

Any housewife who has made it knows that it is difficult to prepare and requires a lot of time, kneading and some special skills. Therefore, the team of the only digital guide under the hills has selected for you several tried and tested places from which you can buy it prepared perfectly. We guarantee it will be aromatic, fluffy and incredibly tasty, and the Easter meal - richer!

Bakery Art has been in the pastry market for more than a decade, but they continue to work and develop in the direction of increasingly appetizing specialties. Over the years, employees have even witnessed a battle for Easter bread from ladies who failed to enroll in the long list of people around the Easter holidays. Therefore, we advise you to organize yourself and order more of the sweet temptation in time. The waiting list is already being filled and they’ll be giving it by the hour so that there isn’t clustering of many people at one time.

You won't be disappointed by the Master's Bakery either. Georgi Lefterov, in one of his social media posts, even gave the recipe and showed clearly how to make Easter bread at home. You can certainly experiment, but be sure to order a few pieces of his delicious creations to compare and taste at will.

By 10.04 they are also collecting requests from Gourmet Tepe, which have prepared us an enticing list of irresistible temptations. With orange peels, blueberries, and raisins, or with Turkish delight, their homemade Easter bread is a great choice for celebrating the holiday.

Another of our favorite bakeries - Hlyab, has already started with orders. This year, the organization will be a little different. Each of their clients will choose the exact time at which they will pick up their orders. This will avoid clusters and ensure the safety of everyone. As always, the bakery guarantees a variety that will satisfy every taste. From traditional Easter bread with pure cow butter, fresh milk, eggs, and sugar, through natural Easter bread with Belgian chocolate, to true "Italian Panettone" of natural fermentation! Their masters will put all their professionalism to make the holiday of all of us real.

The family bakery next to Thursday Market - Don Baton is our next choice. They are well known for the taste of their exquisitely prepared Easter bread. The taste of their pastry with chocolate is great, and you can find their phone number on their Facebook page.

Tart Bakery is another place that will contribute to a delicious holiday meal. They accept orders for the days of Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and their Easter bread with sourdough is incredible. You can choose from flavors such as chocolate, Turkish delight, raisins, and orange peel, Amarena cherries and white chocolate.

And what taste will you choose? Did we miss your favorite spot in the text?