Even if you don’t long for the Grand Slam title, but just for some workout, it turns out that there are many places for this in our city.

"Sport is health" is a popular expression, and tennis not only keeps us fit but with its intensity, it also helps us to improve our concentration and reflexes. Plovdiv is a city with traditions in this so popular (not only because of Grigor Dimitrov) sport and many of those prepared in the schools under the hills manage to perform at the height of the tennis tournaments in Bulgaria and around the world. Undoubtedly, the most well-known name is Tsvetana Pironkova, who has reached the semi-finals at Wimbledon in 2010. Well, even if you don’t long for the Grand Slam title, but just for some workout, it turns out that there are many places for this in our city.

Tennis Club ALBENA - Plovdiv was established in 1995. It started its activity in 1996 on the courts of Plovdiv Stadium with main activity and priority - children's and teenage school. Currently, it has four red courts, dressing rooms, bathrooms, sanitary facilities, and cafe-club. Since the beginning of 2018, there is a new facility that covers a tennis court and makes the game possible even in the winter season.

TC Lokomotiv Plovdiv is located on the eastern side of the Plovdiv Stadium, at the Rowing Channel. The club has 13 tennis courts - 8 open-air red courts, 3 open-air hard courts and a gym with 2 tennis courts and a tribune with 750 seats - all courts are designed according to ITF requirements. The central red /clay/ court has two separate tribunes with a capacity of 1200 seats, a VIP lodge with 20 seats, as well as specialized facilities for the placement of TV cameras. The main building of the club has two fully equipped changing rooms, a massage cabinet and a rehabilitation center with a fitness studio - all available to the players. The restaurant and café in the complex provide quality food and beverages tailored to the needs of competitors and guests 7 days a week. There is also a conference room and administrative offices – finely furnished and fully equipped for organizing and conducting international tennis events. There is also a second building with dressing rooms and a tournament office. Tennis Club Lokomotiv Plovdiv is famous for its numerous large international tennis tournaments, which are constantly held there - Fed Cup and Davis Cup tournaments, ITF tournaments, European Championships, Balkan tournaments for people in wheelchairs as well as a number of national tournaments and state championships in all age groups.

Tennis club Zheleznichar manages 5 red courts (chamotte) and 3 asphalt courts. The playgrounds are located at the foot of the Youth Hill in the city of Plovdiv. The club has a parking lot, and there is a restaurant in the immediate vicinity. The Zheleznichar Tennis Complex was built in 1981 in honor of the 1300th anniversary of Bulgaria's establishment, and in 1996 it was registered as a non-profit organization, after which it entered into a contract with BDZ for use of the tennis courts.

Tennis Club Academic 83 runs the courts of Bunardzhika Hill. There are 4 red courts with lighting, and in the winter season, there are 2 green courts with artificial grass. Unfortunately, in recent years, the site doesn’t make full use of its potential and, compared to much more modern facilities, it is losing its appeal to the players.

Tennis Club Loko - 98 was founded on 14 April 1998 in Plovdiv by former national competitor Milko Milev and started working as early as 1996 with its first preparatory groups for children. Currently, the club is located at Lokomotiv Stadium and has a tennis base with 5 excellent chamotte courts and changing rooms. In 2007 TC Loko 98 was designated by the Bulgarian Tennis Federation as the most prosperous club in Bulgaria.

There are also tennis courts at one of the biggest sports centers in Bulgaria - the Plovdiv sports complex. Located in the northwestern part of the city, it includes a stadium for 55,000 spectators, the largest rowing base on the Balkans, an indoor swimming pool, outdoor and indoor tennis courts and an athletics track.

Again, in the area of the Rowing Channel near the newly built Youth Center, there is also a large selection of sports fields, including a red tennis court (combined with a volleyball court).

Tennis Club Pironkovi is one of the newest and most promising clubs under the hills. It covers an area of 15 acres in the Proslav district. The base has nine courts. Five of them are red, three are solid and one is with artificial grass. In the winter there is a covered balloon on the three solids. There is a bathroom, toilets and changing rooms available to players.

Tennis Club Stoyanstroy was established in the autumn of 2005. The biggest dignity of the club is the specialized tennis gym. The gym offers 1 tennis court, covered with special flooring - Durflex®. The complex also provides its clients with four open-air courts with red pavement (chamotte). A large number of open-air and indoor courts allow tennis fans to play all year round. The club operates every day from 7am to 10pm. All the main facilities of the tennis club are accessible to people with disabilities through appropriate ramps. The complex has its own parking, which is free of charge for the clients. It has a spa center that guarantees perfect relaxation after physical exertion. It is equipped with a sauna, Jacuzzi, steam bath and offers restorative massages.

The tennis gym at Atarro Klima on Karlovsko Shose was established in 2015. The gym has all the necessary conditions for those who want to practice tennis as well as for competitions: air-conditioned gym, 2 courts, dressing rooms, a room for resting, viewer's lodge, training room, Playsight Smart court system and the opportunity to use a machine for balls.

There is an inside court also in complex Sila. It is covered with professional acrylic flooring with ITF-3 on nine-layered structured pad, which meets the world standards for holding international competitions, protects joints and ensures elasticity, friction, and ball rebound.

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