The decoration in Plovdiv in photos and video


In the holidays after Christmas and during the month-long lockdown, one of the favorite activities of Plovdiv residents is a walk on the Main Street. Lately, it seems that the whole social life in the city under the hills is concentrated there, and the beautiful Christmas decorations adorn the shots from this rather unusual yea in a unique way.

Starting from Central Square, don't forget to line up for a few triple axels on the ice, because the rink is one of the most "lively" places these days and laughter and music are always heard around it. Then our walk continues along the longest pedestrian street in Europe, where in December every corner can be a shot.

In front of the favorite Hemingway restaurant on Gurko Street, although you can't eat on the spot, there is a richly decorated Christmas tree and a majestic chair on which to incarnate Santa Claus or Snow White. Due to the pandemic, they are not available for a photo on Main Street this year, but you can always wear the red coat.

The big Christmas tree traditionally rises on the square in front of the Municipality, around which there is always traffic and sometimes a selfie without people around is a mission impossible. But if you want to be creative, go a little sideways and use the Christmas lights of the building and the trees around it.

Pear-shaped lamps have appeared and are already shining festively over the entire Knyaz Alexander Battenberg Street, but in fact the richest decoration this season is at the Roman Stadium.

There are a large number of white lights around the seats and the railing, which give a great mood. A few deer - in the part next to the seats, as well as on the fortress wall in the direction of the Little Main also enrich the decoration, and we all hope that the sleigh hides a lot of health and luck for 2021! The evening here is a true Christmas tale and worth the walk.

In a normal year Kapana would be seething with life and all shining, but now, especially during the day, things are not quite so. However, with the evening darkness, thanks to the Municipality of Plovdiv, the district shines with LED garlands, and the favorite restaurants, although closed, lit their windows to contribute to the festive spirit.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills wishes you happy holidays and we urge you to save the Christmas moments of this year with beautiful shots from your favorite city after the heavy meals!