10 days to the new decade, and if you haven't already decided where to celebrate, the team of the only digital guide under the hills has a few suggestions


Ever since the beginning of the month, programs with events, menus and more have flooded us everywhere. Sometimes we even get lost in the sea of offers and wonder which is the best option to spend the last hours of 2019. In fact, the solutions are just a few: home on the couch in front of the TV, a club party, a dinner at a restaurant, gathering with friends, or fireworks on the square. We can't guess which is the most preferable option because it is strictly individual, but we will try to give some guidance:

Cheers at the square

This seems to be for the bravest, or at least the most durable, especially when the frosty evening falls. And the holiday on the square has its advantages - a rich program with a variety of performers, the opportunity to get involved in the long horo, everyone is in high spirits, and the outdoor firework display is extremely impressive. A lot of different artists have been invited by the Municipality this year, but there is something for everyone. The party will start at 10 pm at Stefan Stambolov Square. The first will be an electronic pop/rock band that relies on original music with multiple alternative, dance and funk elements - Innerglow. Shortly after, one of the most beloved pop music duos with a career of more than 40 years will emerge on stage. Riton has prepared the favorite songs of generations of Bulgarians. Followed by dance time before the president's speech with the Trakia ensemble. They are winners of all possible awards in the field of culture and will surely bring a lot of dancing and good mood into the festive night. And right after the first minutes of 2020 will be the culmination of the show with one of the most popular bands in recent years - SkandaU. Since the beginning of 2018, SkandaU, who have been producing their own music, have added many new songs to their repertoire, each of which has proven to be an indisputable hit. Most recently, the favorites of the Bulgarian audience Lacho and Toto have overcrowded the capital's Arena Armeec Hall and the Kolodrum Plovdiv, and on the festive night will surely raise the mood to a max.

Party in a club/bar

There are plenty of options here - there are bars that announce a very symbolic cover charge and the idea is to just spend a cool evening in a friendly company outside of home, while others attract people with guestsperformers and more gourmet entrees. IcoHazarta, Lyubo Kirov, dance formations and popular DJs and music selectors are part of the offers. Of course, there are places where you don’tt need to book in advance and are likely to find places if you are not too many people. Walking around after midnight and finding the biggest party is also fascinating.

Dinner in a restaurant

Some of our favorite places are really tempting with holiday dishes. It is definitely worth it to book the 31st for the latest jewel under the hills - d'Asti Osteria Italiana, if you're a fan of Italian cuisine and culture of eating. Chef Miroslav Hristov has prepared a unique menu that will take you literally to another delicious planet. The New Year's set at the Memory restaurant will also be quite rich, and there will be a children's version for a cozy family welcome. Winner of the category Culinary Tourism 2019 - Hemingway is an extremely convenient option for combining divinely delicious food with the opportunity to be one step away from the central square and enjoy any part of the New Year's city program you choose. Here Chef Chakarov has made a very interesting interpretation of traditional Bulgarian recipes, showing in each ingredient his innovative approach and attention when choosing the products. Torro Grande surprises us with 5 options to choose from - game, pork, turkey, Asian or vegan. The spacious venue also includes an area for entertainment with DJs and music artists. There is almost no restaurant that has not presented its vision to welcome the new decade, so if you haven’t stopped at your favorite place, hurry. The price of the cover charge varies from 90 to about 150 BGN per person.

And what are your plans for the New Year’s Eve?