We won’t even notice when the time for the outdoor pools and sea breaks has come, so now is the right time to take care of our summer bodies, right?

Right after Easter, we started with the topic of the spring detox, but everyone dedicated to healthy eating knows that without the sport and movement the results come much harder. We won’t even notice when the time for the outdoor pools and sea breaks has come, so now is the right time to take care of our summer bodies, right?

We start with our favorites from Total Sport and not only because the place has long gone beyond the usual functions of a sports club but also because of the fact that all the equipment and floorings are of the latest generation. The club's sports activities are covered entirely by professional and proven instructors in their field, and the equipment is the world-renowned Cybex Eagle brand. For your information, we will say that only three sports centers in Bulgaria use this equipment. A trained nutritionist is also at your disposal who can prepare an individual nutrition program and introduce you to the most up-to-date trends. Surely we will not go into a few words when we start listing the areas in which they are the only ones, but we will mention the golf simulator and the two squash courts - the only ones in the city under the hills, as well as the high-intensity group exercises that are preferred by many active athletes.

Another place where you can combine sports with shopping is the Athletic Fitness at MarkovoTepe Mall. The club has affiliates and many locations in our capital too, so it's a good option for those of you who divide their time between the two cities. Their mission is to make more and more people start or continue to train regularly for health and tonus. They also offer low, medium and high-intensity exercises as well as dance.

Sila Sports Complex is perhaps the newest of all listed but it is quickly gathering its admirers. The difference here is that at the disposal of the people working out beside a gym there are areas for group workouts, a boxing ring, and a spa for relaxation. For lovers of water and those who prefer swimming as a way to keep fit, there is a 25 - meter pool and a coach if needed.

We continue with one place reserved only for the gentler half. LadyFit Plovdiv offers a 30-minute workout that burns up to 500 calories. It is suitable for ladies of all ages and customer reviews prove that here you can combine healthy sports with fun entertainment. Exercises are quick and effective, executed under the supervision of a coach, they do not take much time but give visible results.

Perfect Fitness Center is also a relatively new location, comfortable for residents in the downtown area. Wide space, enough equipment for all visitors and suitable for both fitness training and group activities. There is also a boxing space and a sauna.

At the very end we will mention two gyms where, apart from varied training options, the prices for visiting are very competitive. Aerobic Studio M won’t offer you fitness equipment but will always welcome you with a smile and comprehensive information. You can join some of the high-intensity combat workouts or bet on something relaxing like the callanetics and pilates. Titan Fitness offers a spacious fitness room equipped with Precor and Life Fitness equipment. In addition, there is always a free fitness instructor to advise and help you, and free food and training programs can be prepared on the spot.

Two months remain until the summer, so we advise you not to postpone the visit to the gym.