5+1 places to relax in a cozy atmosphere in winter


With the increasingly dark and foggy weather outside, we often look for home coziness in the places we visit. There isn’t a better time than the winter evenings to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace and relax amidst the sparkle of the fire. That's why the team of the only digital guide under the hills has embarked on a tour of favorite establishments and found for you those in which the flames playfully spread light and heat. And in this environment, our food is inevitably tastier and the drink more enticing.

We start the list with our latest discovery - d'Asti Osteria Italiana. Make sure you have a table by the fireplace and order at least a three-course menu. We recently told you in detail about some of the chef's recipes, and we guarantee that there are more that are worth trying out. Dinner by the fire goes well with a glass of red wine, and the owner Alexander will recommend the most appropriate one to match with the selected dish.

The next place is another favorite of ours - the Odeon Restaurant. There, you can enjoy the whole world in one dish, with a great view of the main street of Plovdiv and the excavations of the ancient odeon. The setting suggests privacy and makes guests feel at home and not simply in a restaurant. And the cuisine is a true international eclecticism! It is worth paying special attention to the offers from the Bulgarian cuisine, which are presented here in an unconventional way and with an original interpretation of each element.

We can’t miss the bright emblem of the Slow Food movement not only in Plovdiv but throughout Bulgaria. Hebros Restaurant is in the hotel of the same name, located in a renovated Revival house in Ancient Plovdiv. It is the recipient of the Restaurant of the Year Award for 2016 and 2003 by Bacchus Magazine and continues to be one of the best in the country. Its menu includes dishes from the Bulgarian and international cuisine, prepared with seasonal products. Among our favorites are the amazing traditional mish-mash, stuffed hot peppers with cheese and parmesan, frog legs and snails with wild rice, the foiegras and, of course, veal bon fillet with mushrooms and marinated garlic.

We continue with a restaurant outside the central area. At the Jazz & Wine room in Note di Vino can book a table near the fireplace. The menu is not too long, but well selected, and the service and quality of the food are excellent. In the other part of the restaurant, there is a special playground with an animator so you can safely let your child play and you can enjoy your dinner.

Our last two suggestions are bars. Vino Culture is a cozy little wine bar in one of the intersections of Otets Paisii Street. A rich selection of local wines is offered, as well as delicious appetizers. Ask the friendly staff (usually the owner himself) what they have in a glass, or explain what you like and they will treat you with something exceptional.

At Contrabass Bar, in addition to having a drink, you can relax under the sounds of lovely live performances by beloved musicians. The booming fire on a winter evening will only enhance the sense of an even more invigorating and cozy atmosphere.

Are we missing a favorite place? Share in the comments…