Kapana” district has its problems which the workers try to overcome. One thing is for sure – craftsmen are not giving up their dreams. New craft shops open doors every month. The newest is a shop for handmaid shoes on “Kojuharska”st. right across Point Black gallery. The neighbors know the team from their other atelier next to Incubator. Now they developed. Christo Voyvodov, Nina Dramova and their apprentice – 19 years old Denis, make impressive complex and innovative design shoes. The materials are woven textile and leather. The woven textile is a challenge, it takes time and specific work, but the most important is that it makes every model unique and individual. Christo and Nina don’t use machines, they weave every shoe separately. The feet are also made by them. They are made from the best Bulgarian materials.

Both male and female models are interesting. Males emphasize the beige-brown range. The images are very cool, we’re not used to seeing them on other chain stores. The female designs are colorful, most of them are clogs. The soles imitate wood. Most models are on high heels or platforms but Nina gives assurance that never the less they are very comfortable. Shoes are also made by order. The masters will offer models, the customer can choose the descent.

The studio has two floors – it’s small but enough to create magic in it. We decided to open our second store because the other has no place, and we want to center this one only in shoemaking, shared the excited masters.