It’s the ice cream season and you know the team of the only digital guide under the hills always knows all the hidden places you shouldn’t miss. Such is the place we want to tell you about today. Argento is not something new, but most likely going through the Main Street you have missed their showcase with tempting ice cream.

Lost in Plovdiv urges you to immediately fix this mistake because here they have a real Italian gelato of the old recipes brought to the city under the hills from the Italian pastry and gelato masters. To make authentic ice cream from the country of the Apennines you only need 4 ingredients: fresh milk, cream, sugar and the taste you prefer. The secret is in the origin and quality of the products used - the milk must be truly fresh, and the cream – by no means plant-based. Argento's gelato is never deeply frozen and it lasts for 2 to 3 days. This ensures that the ice cream is always fresh, preserves its maximum taste, and maintaining a constant temperature of up to -14 degrees makes it suitable for consumption all year round, and you don’t have to worry about losing any sensations just after the first bite.

The fruit ice cream is in the current trends of healthy and vegan eating. In its recipe there are only water, fruit and depending on its maturity - sugar to taste. Popular as a sorbet until recently, today the vegan the icy temptation is especially popular among fans of this type of diet. It is made with seasonal fruits and we guarantee that you will feel the true taste of the freshly picked fruit that melts in your mouth.

There are about 14 types of ice cream in the shop window,  and they always try to offer different flavors. The most preferred are traditionally vanilla and chocolate made from a special selection of cocoa beans, and the pistachio here is just fantastic. Children who are admirers of "pink" ice cream can always enjoy strawberry, cherry or sour cherry.

The coffee is the Italian brand Hausbrandt and, as true connoisseurs of the good espresso, the baristas serve it with a perfect temperature and thick foam. You can also enjoy a wide selection of coffee specialties that will be served with an impressive artistic work on top or choose the soft taste of the hot chocolate popular among fans of this type of hot drink. All this we recommend you garnish with home-made tiramisu from an old recipe from Rome. As you sip slowly, without hurrying, and relax in the colorful environment, be sure to take a reading from the library, which is updated regularly and was here before the trend of the bookstore cafes.

And because it's summer and besides ice cream, refreshing drinks are also sought, home-made lemonade is esteemed. They use fresh fruit, a little soda, and ice. A delicious, refreshing and perfect company for an afternoon coffee.

After a long day of work, the Aperol Spritz is the latest hit among the aperitifs in Europe, and quite thematically here you can sit on a comfortable table overlooking the pedestrian street, relax with a pleasant music and just chill. If the slightly bitter taste of the Aperol is not your thing, you can always bet on traditional mojito, fresh strawberry daiquiri or just a glass of fine wine.

Argento is suitable for everyone. At one table a young couple is sipping coffee and lemonade, and at the table next to it - a child is eating ice cream with two spoons in the company of grandpa and grandma. There is nothing excessive and superfluous in the setting, and everything seems to be done and presented with ease, very unobtrusively and in keeping with the Italians' understanding of life without unnecessary worries where it is important to enjoy every moment of peace.