Can you think of a club that has been around for 20 years? This is not a difficult question if you are from Plovdiv or you often like to come to the city under the hills. The answer is clear – Bally Club. For these 20 years, Bally has become a synonym for a great party backed up with just as great music. Almost every week some of the most memorable parties happen here, as often there are prominent DJs behind the console. If you cross the threshold of a bar with such history, know that you'll leave bit happier.

Climbing the stairs of the house and opening the door to the bar, you have to be aware that this is a club that has sheltered several generations, has interwoven not one and two fates, has met lovers, has broken lovers up, but everyone always returns there, to their known place. Why? Because for 20 years now, they feel at home.

But Bally is not a place to have fun only in the evening. You can clearly sense the atmosphere that this emblematic establishment has in the bright of the day, too. Whether you choose to relax on the comfortable sofas inside for a pleasant conversation with a friend or you will prefer tanning on the terrace with a delicious lemonade or cocktail in hand, you won’t choose wrong. And the view from the terrace is impressive. Your gaze extends along one of the most beautiful streets in Kapana, which leads directly to the Dzhumaya mosque.

What better place to plunge into the atmosphere of Plovdiv than what has passed the trials of time!