The team at the only digital guide under the hills, Lost in Plovdiv, found another reason why it's worth winding your way up to the tranquility of Abadzhiyska Street, where a small room caught our attention.

Barrel Wine Corner will open its doors this weekend and right from the windows it tempts us with two things we all love - wine and appetizers. There is no better combination for relaxation and distraction from everyday life than a glass of well-chosen rosé and something delicious to nibble on a hot May afternoon. And here, how many more delicacies you can try!

On the spot, we find one of the people behind the new venture in Kapana. Petko returned in October from the USA, where he studied for many years and took part in various sommelier courses, and then worked professionally with wine selection in a number of TOP 50 Platinum Clubs of America. In tandem with a top chef who won a Masterchef and a number of other titles in the USA, he has combined different varieties and types of wines with special gourmet menus.

When he returned to Bulgaria, Petko rediscovered Bulgarian varieties and together with Kiril, who has been the face behind the legendary Bally Club for 26 years, boldly stepped onto the pavement in Kapana with the newest place under the hills. Their concept is for it to be a combination between a shop and a restaurant, with a focus mainly on native wines and local appetizers. After a few weeks of travel in the Eleni Balkan, they chose producers from the region, which are available in very limited quantities and keep that feeling on the palate of authentic and natural. The majority of meat products, cheeses, as well as sweets and pâtés are from there. You can try all this there or buy it.

The bottles of wine offered at Barrel Wine Corner are also not available in the general market, and here too you have the chance to test them by the glass, and then take home with a professional recommendation on how best to pair them to enhance their taste.

They have also set themselves an ambitious goal - to prepare special tasting combinations that will reveal the rich aromas of Bulgarian wine, which is increasingly confidently winning its rightful place on the world wine and culinary scene. Petko will always be there and with his knowledge and experience will quickly become a true guide among the many labels of white and red wines, champagne and rosé, and all that remains for you is to enjoy the quality drinks and appetizers offered at Barrel Wine Corner.