In the language of flowers in Victorian canella meant: "My fate is in your hands". We suggest you to enter the Armenian pastry shop “Canella” on “Otetz Paisii” with the same words. The patisserie is situated in the Armenian national house. A year ago there was the old restaurant “Erevan”. The coziness of home and grandma's love will greet you at the door. They will offer you homemade lemonade and of sorts of sweets made by special recipe form a cook book handed down from generation to generation.  Resembling the confectionery by Joan Harisoviyat "Chocolate" behind the glass case there is something for everyone. Seductive “kisses”, melting in the mouth candy, waltz nuts and caramel cakes enveloped in an irresistible taste. And of course, the famous Armenian white cookies.

 “The butter! The butter is important!” explains one of the pastry chefs. For everyone familiar with culinary is well known that the butter is one of the most valuable components for making deserts. In the patisserie you will find quality products, authentic and a pinch of the character of every cook.