We often call Hristo Dyukmedzhiev Street the Main Street of Kapana and it is no wonder that there is something for everyone along it. From a shop for building materials, yarns and art studios to bars with craft beer, signature cocktails and delicious meals - you can spend a whole day on it just by changing the location and company.

That’s why probably it’s not surprising that at the end of last year in the number of places worth visiting, there was a retro bistro, which quickly captivated us with the concept of the nostalgic past, but also with quality food.

For days Bistro Retro has become the preferred lunch destination for all working and living in the district. The aim of the owners is to offer their customers freshly prepared dishes with seasonal products, a combination of traditional and modern cuisine. During the working days, according to the fresh deliveries, several offers are prepared for the lunch menu. It always has a choice of salads, main dishes and a dessert, and the prices are extremely affordable. We are not at all surprised that with the very opening of the restaurant in the morning, the hungriest order food for home or the office or quickly take seats in front of the yellow house with white tables on the corner of Alceko and Hristo Dyukmedzhiev in the colorful Kapana atmosphere to enjoy their time for lunch.

Everything is prepared and loaded on the day, and for this purpose the chefs in the kitchen of Bistro Retro are behind the kitchen counters from early dawn, preparing the menu and choosing the necessary products. Most of them are from Bulgarian farmers to ensure maximum preservation of the taste we are used to from children. They don’t work with artificial improvers and use the highest quality butter, sunflower oil and olive oil.

Gradually, the idea of offering delicious food developed and today Bistro Retro already has a prepared an evening a la carte menu. Thus, the cute white tables are another place where you can relax after a long working day or weekend walk with a glass of drink in hand and various snacks and dishes to end the evening in the art district of Plovdiv.

In case you can't come to the place, don't despair at all, because there is an option for deliveries for both lunch and evening offers. Just indulge in the aroma of the Bulgarian and follow Bistro Retro on Facebook to keep up with the delicious offers.