Kapana is an attractive place for all tourists and citizens of Plovdiv. It is no coincidence that the creative district is also a preferred location when it comes to a party, a relaxation after the working day or just a morning coffee under the colorful flags. Such is also the place for which the only digital guide under the hills will tell you today.

Brick House is one of those places where you can spend time from morning till night. Start with a boutique Italian coffee, continue at lunch with a delicious soup or an appetizing burger and end up in the evening with a friendly company for a glass of a classic cocktail or a bottle of wine. It sounds like a dream day, doesn’t it?

The menu is not unnecessarily long but contains everything you need to guarantee a delicious meal. In the last year, the wave of newly discovered burger places flooded Plovdiv. It has turned into a real obsession and now you can surprise yourself with something in a bun at every corner. Lovers of this type of fast-food temptation in the city under the hills will not be disappointed because the offers at Brick House are topped with crunchy fries, a sinful amount of cheddar and the perfect combination of several sauces. For a "company" of the preferred sandwich, you can choose between several different types of Bulgarian craft or regular beer. And the best thing is that you can order takeaway, too.

You shouldn’t miss finishing with the dessert of the day, because Belgian chocolate brownies are just melting and the fruit crumbles - delicious and crunchy, for those of you who are looking for something more fresh and balanced in sweetness.

Cocktails are prepared according to classic recipes and are the perfect end of every day, and the wine list has a wide variety of offers from different corners of the world. We recommend the rich saturate flavor, the bold concepts and high quality of the Argentinian wine cellar Finca las Moras.

The atmosphere is exceptionally elegant in the trendy vintage style, with a slight breeze to the retro wave, and further adds to the tranquil feeling that conquers you when you step into the brick house. The entire building is preserved in its entirety and renovated with attention to the interior.

The lower floor is designed for relaxing at the end of the day with a bar and the opportunity to have your drink standing, and the top is decorated with enticing sofas and large tables that make it perfect for gatherings with friends. Here you can plan a party or reserve a personal space for up to 30 people.

Cozily nestled in the center of the events in  Kapana, you can’t pass Brick House, especially if you are a lover of the pleasant atmosphere and have a good appetite for the delicious food.