Plovdiv is a city, which has many faces. You probably already know that it is one of the oldest cities in Europe and a popular tourist destination because of its history, architecture, cultural and night life. But did you know that in recent years it has become an extremely attractive place for entrepreneurship and business? For many people Plovdiv is the perfect place to pursue their dreams and goals. This is what four young men did when they came back from London. They created the Plovdiv clothing brand Philly Apparel, which enjoyed a great popularity from the very beginning. The Plovdiv guide strives to meet its readers with the most interesting places and people in the city in order to help them experience it in the best way possible. This is exactly what intends to do today.

The brand Philly is created by Petar and Nikolay – Johnny with the help of their friends Dimitar and Veselin, who were there from the very beginning. Unfortunately, due to a coincidence of circumstances, Johnny had to leave the brand a year later, but the idea didn’t die and it even got its own location – a store in the heart of the colourful Kapana district on 1 Hristo Dyukmedzhiev St, which the Plovdiv guide thinks you definitely must visit during your stay under the hills.

The name of the fashion brand comes from the old names of Plovdiv and you can spot Philly-beto (one of the T-shirt designs) on a number of people in the streets everywhere in the country. Most of the designs are created by Petar, who hinted that there are more surprises to come and very soon there’ll be a new collection from our favourite street fashion brand. They rely on fresh and cool, typical for Plovdiv slogans. But we’ll have to wait and see what the next months will bring.

The boys remodeled and decorated the place for the new boutique themselves, which until recently was an old shabby office. They turned the initially uncomely room into a great place with a young vibe and the result is evident. Dozens of people turn their heads towards the store with interest and support the initiative. And the satisfied shoppers are a fact - there have been such since before the opening.

The goal of the creators of Philly is to offer only high quality products. The clothes are from the popular Continental clothing in England and the print is done only in the city under the hills. In addition to the products of the Plovdiv brand you can find other Bulgarian brands, amongst which the well-known Goloka, the T-shirts of Willie J clothing, which gathered a lot of attention under the hills, and the products of Brave Moustache, which also won people’s hearts. The best guide of Plovdiv advises you not to miss visiting the fashion boutique and get a T-shirt in order to take a piece of the ancient city’s spirit with you.