With an impressive show CAVEA Roman Stadium officially opened doors. Performances by the young singer Alexandra Ivanova from the Voice of Bulgaria and the saxophonist Hristomir Stoyanov, as well as an impressive laser and light show were the gift to the guests of this unique establishment in the center of Plovdiv.

The name of the city's newest place-to-be comes straight from Ancient Rome, where "cavea" stays for the rows of amphitheater seats for spectators of performances. The contemporary CAVEA is a place to experience, but also a play on words for all those, who tempted to visit it. Breathing new life into an emblematic location for the millennial Plovdiv, CAVEA Roman Stadium follows the trend to promote and honor a cultural heritage through a modern and vibrant establishment.

Many people remember the times when someone had to leave so you can find a free seat in the Roman Stadium. Today, the place has been transformed into a cozy oasis with a lively design and an impressive vision, where Plovdiv residents and guests of the city can come to drink their morning coffee with a freshly baked croissant, take a break from a walk for a glass of wine or a cocktail, or bring a loved one on a romantic dinner.

CAVEA offers a selection of Bulgarian wines from different parts of country. The idea is to support local production and give the tourists the opportunity to get to know the Bulgarian winemaking traditions. Impressed by the flavors of Bulgarian wines, foreigners often take a bottle with them as a gift.

In addition to wines, guests of CAVEA Roman Stadium can enjoy a selection of classic and signature cocktails served in an impressive manner. And since a good drink cannot do without a proper appetizer, the restaurant offers a tight and short menu of delicious culinary delights for every taste.

The CAVEA concept is to organize themed evenings, musical events with live performances of saxophone, jazz and popular music. The place is ideal for organizing family holidays and private parties.

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