Although the rail transport in Bulgaria is not fast, nor convenient, there is a genuine charm to travel with an old railcar while exploring the surrounding nature.

There are several opportunities and roads you can take from Central railway station Plovdiv. You can choose to visit the capital or Black sea (north to Varna, south to Burgas) or you can cross the border and have a vacation in our south neighbor –Turkey.

Off course, you can travel to northern Bulgaria and explore Veliko Tarnovo. Because the goal of is your comfort here is a little specification:

The trip to Sofia by train takes about 3 hours, to Black sea – about 7 hours and you will arrive in Veliko Turnovo after 5 hours trip in a vintage railcar.

The prices are low and if you’re adventurous you’ll love it! As Bulgarians like to say, especially about the night trains – you never know what can happen in the Bulgarian State Railways, but one thing is for sure – it will be interesting.

For the exact prices, time of the trips, destinations and schedules of trains, check the official website: