Situated in one of the most central places in the City under the hills, just above the Main Street and at the foot of SahatTepe, Central Restaurant impresses not only with its perfect location but also with the idea to revive the Bulgarian taste with innovative approaches and recipes.

Every offer on the menu is carefully selected with respect for Bulgarian traditions. The path of creating any dish or dessert is long, inspired by local gastronomic history and generously dampened by the variety of authentic flavors with which Bulgarian people have grown up. According to the owners, excellent food is based on the superior and uncompromising quality of the products used. They are selected and supplied exclusively by small farms. The wines are also entirely Bulgarian and selected from boutique wineries. An interesting accent in beverages is the craft rakia from Isperih with different tastes. It is distilled in copper column cans, which provides the extraction of high-quality aromatic distillates cleared of methanol and cyanide. That is why the rakia is so soft, aromatic and palatable.

Fans of quality meat are impressed by the dry aged beef steak Black Angus which ripens in the restaurant, placed in a controlled, refrigerated environment. The restaurant shares the secret that the temperature should be between 2.5 degrees Celsius and the freezing point. If it’s too warm, the meat will spoil and if it’s too cold, it will freeze and the ripening process will stop. Humidity should also be maintained around 85% to reduce water loss. There should also be a constant airflow around the meat, which means that it should be hung in a well-ventilated area. The result of the ripening process is always more fragrant and tender meat. Ripening allows natural enzymes to break down solid connective tissue and water to evaporate, which concentrates the aroma. Fresh meat from Bulgarian calves, grown at the Omaya Ranch in a clean and calm mountain area, away from the noise and polluted air, is supplied especially for the restaurant.

Along with sophisticated recipes, in Central, you will also find food that you expect only your grandmother would cook. Especially those of you who have relatives in the Rhodope region around Plovdiv will know the tastes of kachamak with pork rinds. A dish from the past prepared decades ago from cornmeal because of poverty is now being presented in a more modern version and once again testifies that the new is often the "forgotten old". From the desserts, we can distinguish the sweet salami and the banitsa with Turkish delight and walnuts, which many of us most probably remember as the flavor that we enjoyed in grandma and grandpa's cozy, rural kitchen.

One of the newest trends in the culinary industry is the finely-prepared offal, upgraded to gourmet - hearts, liver, and others, prepared in a variety of ways. Try the bumbar, which is a legendary Plovdiv specialty. Food that needs long diligence, and great mastery. The initiates of the secret keep the recipe of Bumbarnika, which has long been housed in the former Trimontium Hotel, and Central will tempt you with their own interpretation.

Fans of the grill will also not be disappointed because the mince is exclusively prepared for the restaurant following a special recipe of ingredients and proportions, and every connoisseur will appreciate the well-seasoned kebab or meatballs. From the appetizers, we will be able to distinguish horse sujuk, whose meat, albeit unconventional for our latitudes, exceeds even pork and beef in terms of nutritional value.

The restaurant also has a second hall, which is very suitable for events in a smaller circle, tasting lectures, and private events.

We look forward to the warmer days when the two open terraces reveal a wonderful view of the longest pedestrian street in Europe and the crowds of tourists who come to explore the sixth oldest city in the world and sink into the unique atmosphere combining delicious cuisine, sights and numerous places for entertainment and relaxation.

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