Most tourists in popular destinations already know that they can find really great places to eat in neighborhoods outside the center. Not-so-trendy restaurants sometimes turn out to be true hidden treasures, so our team went out in search of restaurants that make it worthwhile to start your car or take a cab.

So we came upon C'ést la vie, where we were impressed first by the team that manages the place, and then by the affordable dishes offered.

In fact, the restaurant opened more than a year ago after a holiday to the French Riviera, where, inspired by the region's gastronomy and romantic atmosphere, the owners discovered their main business motto. Namely, that life goes on - it is nice and bad, but at the same time wonderful in its various colors. They carefully selected each and every one of their staff members before opening and, with great excitement, unpacked the entire kitchen. This brought them indisputably closer and turned them into a large family where ideas and suggestions for change are discussed and decided together. When you look around, you can see pictures of them, all over the walls, which leaves you with the impression that you are a precious guest at someone's home, not a customer at a random restaurant.

The menu at C'est la vie is not too long, but it brings together some of our favorite specialties from our favorite cuisines - Bulgarian, Italian, French and more.

The more interesting recipes are developed by the chefs and approved by the staff, and to our question what is the dish that customers order the most, we have an unambiguous answer. The main favorite is the shrimp with mango sauce and avocado on a canapéof basmati rice, and the most preferred dessert is the C'est la vie cake with the secret ingredients of the chef.

The wine list is also well selected with a mix of Bulgarian and foreign offerings that go well with the dishes on the menu. A lunch menu is also available every weekday, which is one of the most popular in the area and if you have the opportunity, feel free to give it a try.

The venue is extremely suitable for organizing private parties, as there are no residential buildings to disturb and you can afford more time for songs, dancing and a great mood with the music you prefer. The room is not too lavishly decorated to allow the decoration of the client's wishes.

For the winter, there is a separate heated garden for smokers. And last but not least, there is also free parking.

In 2020, the restaurant also prepared a few compliments to their guests. During the winter season, every Wednesday and Friday you get a glass of mulled wine with your order, and Tuesday tempts us with a 20% discount on everything on the menu. You can easily order without getting out of your cozy sofa through the popular delivery platforms Foodpanda and Takeaway.

For the upcoming holiday of love and wine - Valentine's Day, there will be a choice of set menus for customers in a romantic mood, with a special wine selection for each dish. This is a great way to sample many of the culinary specialties and to taste different drinks.

The restaurant is open daily from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm. Too stay informed, you can follow them on their Facebook page and Instagram account.