The Chilli Hills store in the Kapana craft district is like a real hidden gem, high above the restaurants and cobbled streets, on its very border with Old Plovdiv. It opened its doors 3 years ago and quickly became an attraction for all local and tourist lovers of hot foods.

The creator of the brand is Alexander Kyurkiev, also known as Sando Max, whose goal is to enrich the culture of hot foods in his native country and to return the most famous Bulgarian pepper variety back to Bulgaria - the Bulgarian carrot pepper, named that way because of its resemblance to the orange vegetable. The idea for Chilli Hills came about quite naturally and best reflects his love for the earth and the spicy.

In Plovdiv, two extremely positive young people stand behind the shop - Zvezdelin and Maria. Both of them are not from the city under the hills, but they feel it as their place. For her it was love at first sight with the little hot sauce and spice place, and he decided to change his life and put his corporate career on the back burner. Thus, people of Plovdiv can proudly say that we have our own hottest corner.

They offer not only a variety of artisanal sauces, but also all kinds of spicy delicacies that are developed following original recipes. All products are 100% natural, made with hot peppers grown in Bulgaria, without artificial preservatives, colorings and thickeners. Among them there are also quite interesting combinations such as hot craft beer, hot rakia, hot gourmet salt, hot pepper jam, hot olive oil and even ultra hot chocolate! Of course, here lovers of extreme flavors can find some of the hottest peppers in the world. Chilli Hills products can be added to absolutely any culinary creation. Many choose to come here when looking for a unique gift.

Spicy tolerance can actually be "trained" and the benefits of consuming it are undeniable. Capsaicin is what makes chili peppers hot. As soon as we eat spicy food, pain receptors are activated in our body and our brain immediately releases endorphins, hormones of happiness, to "quench" it. With this quick dose of endorphins, we improve our mood, speed up our metabolism and take in a concentrated amount of vitamin C, A and beta carotene. Each hot sauce can be sampled in-store, so don't hesitate when you walk by but feel free to pop in to meet the team and the products of Chilli Hills.

All Chilli Hills stores are green oriented and encourage recycling. Next time you go there for something new, return an empty bottle of Chilli Hills sauce and you'll get a discount. This way, you will quickly and profitably replenish your stocks of hot goodies.

The Chilli Hills Plovdiv team participates in a number of bazaars in Central Bulgaria and even if you don't plan on visiting Plovdiv, follow them on social media for news and upcoming meetings around the country.

It is certainly worth visiting the Chilli Hills store in Plovdiv, not only to test your tolerance to hot foods. We guarantee that you will leave in a better mood, with a full bag of spices, new culinary ideas and new friends!

Facebook: chillihillsfarmplovdiv

Instagram: chillihillsplovdiv

And the address is 25 Konstantin Stoilov St in Plovdiv