As big fans of Italian cuisine and philosophy of life and food, we can't miss to tell you about the newest place in the City under the hills. Gluharcheto Restaurant closed its doors about half a year ago, but now it has been restored to a new life, with a very interesting concept.

At the door of d'Asti Osteria Italiana, we were greeted by a smiling young man who carefully directs visitors to a suitable table. And most of all, we were surprised to find out that this is the owner. Alexander is 23 years old and despite his short five years of experience in the restaurant industry, he is keen to dive into the adventure of Italian cuisine. He started out very young as a waiter in the capital, and the team he came across motivated him so much and introduced him to the secrets in business that he now feels ready for his own place.

He sees nothing strange as being the "boss" while also caring for clients because that's where the concept of Italian osterias lies. In these, visitors are treated as the most precious guests, holding your outerwear and recommending the best of the menu according to your personal taste or current offers. This is also one of the most important things in the establishments, according to him - the service and the attention that must be paid to everyone, whether it is just for a glass of wine or ordering a feast for ten people.

Here you can really feel quite at home, because even the interior with its clean lines and unobtrusive colors contributes to the focus mainly on food, without unnecessary ostentation and vanity. We recommend that you sit by the fireplace because it really turns the osteria into one of the coziest places under the hills.

Gentle music, an impressive wall with wine selection and a lot of purity - this is our overall feeling in the hours we spent here. All around us were only the tempting aromas and the approval of the adjacent tables of dishes served.

The food and the menu also impressed us. The list with offers is not long and what immediately makes an impression is that the pasta is only four types and the pizza is six.

The focus is mainly on authentic Italian recipes, mainly from Central and Southern Italy. Chef Miroslav Hristov and his team spend a lot of time in experiments and together with Alexander, who actively participates in the presentation of dishes, selects twists of traditional recipes.

Everything is well selected and sorted to ensure the customer will receive the highest quality products and taste. Minimal heat treatment of the ingredients is relied upon to preserve their natural texture and taste. Absolutely nothing is frozen and fried. Each offer is interesting and arouses our curiosity, so we asked Alexander which item is his favorite. For connoisseurs, he would recommend pork cheeks and veal tails that are cooked for 40 hours using sophisticated technology. In this way, the meat becomes extremely tender and melts directly into the mouth.

From personal experience, we advise vegetarians to rely on melanzane, because in combination with parmesan, its texture is excellent and the bitter taste is pleasantly softened by the milky touch of the cheeses.

We come to the wines that turn out to be the reason for the creation of d'Asti Osteria Italiana. In fact, the name, which means "sweetness, aftertaste", comes precisely from Alexander's passion for wine culture. For the Italians, every sip is an emotion and the attitude towards drinks is key in the service. Be sure to let him offer you a combination.

d'Asti Osteria Italiana will also amaze you with desserts. For them, even serving is like art. Such as the presentation of the original interpretation of a Michelin-starred restaurant dessert. It is like a sweet trip to Italy, which starts with the pistachio from the south, goes through the affogato- to the center and ends with cantucci and amarettos to the north. It all ends with a chocolate blast right in the center of the table in front of you.

We end our culinary walk to Italy with their offer for New Year's Eve. In the prepared menu, Chef Hristov has bet on real masterpieces. Roast beetroot salad with truffle cheese, a delicatesse plateau, and tartar from Filleto di Branzino with mango and avocado are the stars in its first part. Afterward, we refine our flavors with limoncello sorbet to indulge in the surf and turf offering of veal entrécot with shrimp. All this pleasure ends with a homemade panettone and a unique sense of gourmet experience.

We leave it to you to make sure that d'Asti Osteria Italiana has no need for pretentiousness and to trust Alexander and Chef Hristov to win you with attention to every detail and unforgettable tastes.