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Since its very establishment in 2012, Dolce Fellini is not only a favorite place for everyone to eat artisan ice cream and delicious cakes, but also an emblem of perfection in the world of confectionery. From the suggestion of Italian irresistible desserts and "sweet life" in the name to the appetizing temptations, which we can hardly resist every day, the team of the confectionery doesn’t stop surprising us with out-of-this-world tastes.

Cake: Silver Surprise

It is no secret to anyone that the Italians are unsurpassed when it comes to food and the owners' passion for their cuisine is the reason to try to recreate their enjoyment of every bite in their home country. The recipes are borrowed from local confectioners and the staff undergoes special training in the land of the Apennine peninsula to learn all the tricks that only the Italian culture and food can reveal.

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Starting with the sip of coffee in the morning, which must be prepared with a specific temperature and texture, to its perfect combination with a fluffy croissant, Dolce Fellini is the place where breakfast is a whole ritual. The history of the Trucillo brand is more than 50 years old, and the team is an official importer and full of passion and enthusiasm not only to offer high-quality coffee but also to popularize Italian coffee-espresso culture in Bulgaria.

When it comes to artisan ice cream, our team has repeatedly recommended that you grab the spoon and taste it, because every taste prepared here will bring you into a charming world. In order to guarantee the constantly excellent quality, the gelato-makers always use only fresh seasonal fruits, pure whole-fat milk, and the best French cream. Add the best quality hazelnuts from Piedmont, Sicilian pistachios, chocolate from South America and Africa, the purest vanilla beans from Madagascar and southern Polynesia, fresh cheese imported from Europe, and the best selection of liqueurs and syrups. You can’t help but pamper your eyes, palate, and soul when real ingredients are used for the making, authentic Italian recipes and cooking methods are respected, and the innovative ideas and culinary talents of the masters are added.

Ice - cream Mistero Latino

The cakes and the incredible works of confectionary are also produced in their own factory, certified and protected under all European quality standards. On the spot, the talented cooks transform their passion and desire for experiments in paintings of shapes and colors that would amaze every connoisseur of beauty and exquisiteness. Every detail in the custom cakes is made with attention and sculpted to perfection, and even a true connoisseur will find it difficult to tell where the limit of the master's fantasy is. And if you wonder even for a moment, whether to eat or just watch, we will tell you that the taste is just as memorable.

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And since the spirit of Italy is embedded in the overall concept of the brand, we’d also like to recommend the crispy cantuccini that are so characteristic of the southern part of this country enchanting with its aromas. The locals consume them dipped in Vin Santo wine and we advise you to try this combination next time. Of course, for all who abstain from alcohol, cappuccino or something else from the coffee specialties is an excellent option to melt this delicacy in your mouth. Tiramisu, by a Neapolitan recipe, made with real biscottiSavoiardi, is another characteristic dessert that doesn’t require you to book a weekend flight. And if you want something different, you can choose from a French Leon cake, a Belgian chocolate cheesecake, a Viennese, a carrot cake, and many other temptations that even on the showcase are irresistible.

We won’t stop here with the delicacies, and we will also turn your attention to a cake you can find at Dolce Fellini on Christmas and Easter holidays. The Italians believe that the true Panettone can only be prepared in their climate, so here you can find the handmade baked good made from the prestigious Fraccaro brand and delight your loved ones and friends with a traditional taste from the southern country.

The latest products are very much in line with current trends for healthy, yet delicious meals, including a healthy line of vegan truffles and raw bars with the Seniora Fellini brand. They are cooked with all-natural ingredients and superfoods such as chia, goji, honey and for now, you can find them exclusively on the spot.

Cake: Nemo

The magical world of Dolce Fellini is colorful and rich, and as you step into the threshold, you sink inward with all your senses, and there’s no way you don’t feel attracted as a magnet by the natural and delicious temptations.

Cake: Flamingo


Dolce Fellini Center, 15 Gen. Gurko Street

Dolce Fellini Novotel, 6 Polk. Bonev Street

Dolce Fellini Mall Plovdiv, 8Perushtitsa Street

Dolce Fellini Free Style, Trakia district, 41 Saedinenie Street, Trakia Plaza

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