Plovdiv is history, and its history is at every step. Just like in Rome, the native people here are used to the beautiful remains. That’s why they pass them by. It’s the same with the magnificent East Gate of Ancient Philippopolis. Poorly socialized and exposed, this archeology remains somewhat aside from the attention of Plovdiv, but remains tourists breathless as it is one of the mandatory stops during their visit in the city. The reason is the wide and perfectly remained Roman road that led to the gate of the ancient city and the architecture elements from the glorious columns on each side of the street.

The Eastern Gate is the best studied of the three open entrances to the ancient city-east, north and south. You can still see the ruins on “Tsar Ivan Shishman”st. at the north eastern foot of the Three Hills. The contact between Philippopolis and Byzantium was made through it. Eastern Gate has one central and two side entrances. The street who leads to the gate is 13,20 meters wide.  At both colonnades on either side are preserved many fragments of columns and many richly decorated Corinthian capitals. There are sidewalks from both sides of the street, 2,60 meters wide.