Well, Enjoy The Coffee is a gathering point for all working and often hurried passers-by in Hristo G. Danov Str. for a year now, but now it's time to reveal a bit more about the concept of the owners and to distinguish that special thing that makes it worth it to return for another cup of coffee.

The idea of opening such a small coffee shop comes from Italy, where they offer quality coffee and welcome and sent you with a huge smile. The coffee culture there has made the drink a cult and it is no coincidence that its people use every possible moment to enjoy the rich aroma and the soft taste of the favorite caffeinated drink.

The good thing is that this kind of places make us appreciate the good blend and look for delight and quality when we drink coffee. Today at Enjoy The Coffee you can enjoy the products of the Austrian brand Amann Kaffee. In the Austrian capital, drinking coffee has become part of the culture of the capital's residents since 1683, and in 2011 Viennese coffee culture was also recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Amann Kaffee's bakery is located in the heart of the beautiful Bregenzerwald region in the Alps. The family company specializes in offering exquisite blends and guarantees a unique quality of Arabica variety in each composition. The variety it offers is huge and ensures that everyone will find their personal elixir among blends, ranging from delicate softness to aromatic power.

Such is the concept of Enjoy The Coffee - a place where you can enjoy every sip of aromatic coffee. You can choose between traditional espresso and a variety of coffee specialties such as macchiato, flat white, cortado, art latte, and art cappuccino. They are always prepared with a smile by the owner who was trained in the sophistication of each drink with a barista friend in the Austrian capital. There are always seasonal offers that add a traditional aroma and a richer feel to the familiar taste. Each beverage can also be made with soy milk for all who avoid dairy products in their diet.

Fluffy and fresh French croissants and crispy cookies are baked there, in addition to the coffee, ideal for a fast snack when you’re going to work or have an errand to run outside. Slowly pressed fresh juice from the Kuvings professional machine will deliver the vitamins you need from the fresh fruit and vegetable mix, with ginger especially preferred in the winter.

The charm of the place is in the friendly attitude and the positive approach to every client who loses their anonymity here and becomes the dearest guest, whose preference is of the utmost importance to the barista. All loyal visitors can get a card with which every 10th drink is free. You can be sure that they’ll remember your preferences and will be ready with the order before you read the list.

The early mornings in the center are always a bit more aromatic when you have found your place to enjoy your first sip of coffee in peace and meet the day with a positive mood.