Fast food is not what it was before! People prefer to eat tasty, homemade food for lunch, instead of dunner, pizza or burger. To eat “on foot” also changed its meaning. Now you go to a place for 20-30 minutes instead of eating in motion.

A place like that, something between fast food and restaurant opened in the center of Plovdiv. It’s called “Fresh pasta” and as you can figure it out, that’s exactly what they serve. The pasta itself is made on spot ensuring you that the food in quality and definitely more delicious. You can choose over 10 types of sauces which are also made on spot. The staff will kindly offer you something to drink. Except soft drinks, you can find beer and small wine collection.

If you’re not fan of pasta, you can choose among several kinds of fresh sandwiches, which will surely make you lick your fingers. If you don’t like that either or you’re on diet, you still have a choice. There are several sorts of salads in the menu, so you can’t help it but eat at least a little. Besides everything listed so far, you can order food to go. For those who are not afraid to experiment in the kitchen or are fans of varied flavors and additives, there are different types of sauces for sell. 

The interior is as pleasant as the food itself. You can choose between low tables where you can drink a coffee or a tea with friends or high tables, bar type. Sit on a high chair during your lunch break, eat quickly and return back to your duties, but this time with a sweet aftertaste on your tongue. Wood and metal are skillfully combine with different upholstery of sofas that add great atmosphere, and in tune with everything said so far, the service is perfect!

If you wonder where the restaurant is, we’ll tell you the address right away: “Opalchenska” 13 St. If you want to know more about the place, you can do it on their Facebook page: