The team of Lost in Plovdiv once again introduces you to the latest and most modern place under the hills, where they have killer cocktails, the dance floor is full until dawn, and the party and the great experience - guaranteed.

Gingertale is not an ordinary bar, it is not the usual café either, but we would describe it as a fairytale in which you fall! A tale inspired by the jazz and swing era, which in recent years have been revived worldwide. At Gingertale, you can have your morning coffee in the cozy atmosphere of Kapana and overlooking the Main Street, but you can also spend the evening with the company of loved ones with a cocktail in hand and comfortable dance shoes.

The two owners are not only fans of the whole idea that jazz and swing culture brings but also with all their hearts want to bring it to their hometown where their bar promises to become a compulsory party stop for all of us who want to relax and dance with a delicious and healthy drink in hand.

Gingertale is not something that has long been considered and planned. It just happened at the right moment and in the right place - Kapana, where the artistic atmosphere and the cheerful mood of all the visitors is another reason to turn it into a place where music and dancing don’t stop until dawn.

The interior is modern without being overwhelmed and pretentious. During the day you can sink into the sofas, sipping from the cooling lemonade and working on your laptop, while in the evening the cocktails at the bar are the best choice. And when we write about mixed drinks, we will mention that they are incredible here! And no, we aren’t exaggerating because they are specially developed by 3oz Bartenders Crew and are completely conceptual in the spirit of the place. A mixture of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and two of them are dedicated to swing culture for all of its fans around the world - Lindy Hop and Shim Sham. Non-alcoholic ginger ale, tilia, cucumber, goji berry are just a small part of the ingredients used to keep them healthy and fully in the philosophy of a greener way of life. An interesting fact is that their straws are made of paste, again with the idea that this reduces the use of plastic in the desire to keep the planet cleaner. Non-alcoholic mocktails are suitable for people who don’t drink alcohol and children and don’t have any artificial coloring syrups and ingredients.

The emphasis in the whole place is on socializing - not just through swing as a social dance, but through the personal contact everyone finds. The community of young, smiling and cool visitors, all of them "talking" through dance and entertainment ensures a great experience and a positive emotion.

You can’t help but go back in the evening and then in the morning when you know that they will meet you with smiles, nice drinks, and a positive attitude. The little details are important in one of the most spacious places in Kapana with an open bar outside and when we write about fun we can’t miss Gingertale!

The bar works weekdays from 10 am to 1 am and weekends up to 3 am. For all current events, you can get information from their Facebook page and from our articles What to do in Plovdiv.