When someone hears the name of Plovdiv, the first thought that comes to his mind is about the several distinctive elements of the history, archaeology and culture of the city. Undoubtedly one of the most famous ones is the International Fair Plovdiv. The complex is the largest in Southeast Europe, and it has 19 multifunctional exhibition pavilions, providing the opportunity to show all kind of exhibits. The exhibitions include all sectors - agriculture, fashion, art, engineering, food, textiles, Christmas bazaars and much more. The pavilions are suitable for holding concerts and sporting events. In 1934. The Plovdiv Fair is recognized as the first and only permanent acting fair in Bulgaria. Today he maintains its status as a reputable trade area.

It is located on the boulevard. '' Tsar Boris III '' 37, just in front of the famous hotel Maritsa. You cannot miss it. The complex is conspicuous in a modern architectural manner, that makes a strong impression. The facade reminiscent of the greatest achievements of European construction and the inside space is filled with mini groves, paths, benches and several fountains that make you feel like you are in Italy. Near the river Maritza, it is a perfect finish to the whole neighborhood, filled with class and having industrial style.

During the exhibitions, The Fair is bustling with life and it is full of guests - both locals and foreigners, but even in the dead season, he deserves to be visited and examined, because it is one of the most prominent emblems of the city and deserves good attention.