Yes, for you! That’s the name of the place to which every person with good taste and esthetic will exclaim “Yes, it’s for me”.  A place where you can eat quality food, get a drink, enjoy a perfect interior or just smile. The owners chose the name for a reason – it sounds positively. And we need positivism. That kind of spirit hovers among the brick walls and wooden tables. With such attitude are the hosts and their guests. It’s very pleasant and exotic. Yes, for you! Is truly one of the few city places with a mission – to educate good taste.  Literally and figuratively.

The original idea for the restaurant  was to be a company store of dairy Ravdin of Topolovo. But the owners figured out unique way to offer products of the dairy venture. They started with modest expectations. They touch this, they touch that, building every single detail of the design to perfection. Little by little they developed the idea and decided to turn the old towel shop right before the Pedestrian Bridge into a place where people can have lunch or organize a nice meeting with friends. Cheese and wine are inseparable, so they make wine corner. They also organize collection of quality drinks for the bar. And why not use dairy products in homemade banitsa, kishove, traditional pretzels, etc. This leads to the way Yes, for you! seems like today.

You feel the concept of the place from the first time you enter.  It is furnished entirely with natural materials - wood, stone and metal. The smell of freshly baked bread and delicious cake surrounds you. It’s a mistake if you don’t try the baked pies, croissants, kisses, baskets, grissini, cakes and of course a large selection of fruit, which can turn into a fresh fruit salad. You can enjoy your meal in the wonderful English garden.

So, if during the day you’re hungry for freshly prepared food or at night you’re thirsty – Yes, for you! is the right choice. Because it is for you!