Last week, we revealed to you where the real Italian pizza is under the hills, and it is quite natural to tell today more about the place with the strange name next to Pizza Pazza.

The owners - Nikolay and Boyan - are of this rare breed of dreamers who sincerely believe that dreams come true here in Plovdiv. According to them, the European Capital of Culture 2019 is a very good place to live and do business, and the fact that so many young people choose to look for happiness outside is sad. The name Kriloto (the wing) is a metaphor of their firm belief that you can fly in Bulgaria as long as you want it bad and aren’t afraid to try.

The two places - Pizza Pazza and Kriloto are housed in the place of the former cult café Avenue, the purpose of which is to revive the best years of the cult bar, but with a new vision and concept. The symbiosis between the two seemingly different locations is quite natural because is there something more normal than after having coffee with friends in the afternoon to move a step away to continue the conversation on a piece of delicious pizza for example?

In the café, nothing is blatant and too posh, but on the contrary - in a casual and unpretentious setting, Kriloto is a cocktail bar where everybody is welcome. You don’t need to wear glamorous clothes and high heels, but just to go there whenever you want a fine morning coffee or a cocktail after work.

And when you are next to the best Italian pizza in the City under the hills, it is quite understandable to offer the best Italian coffee. The Mogi brand is part of the Ferreti Group and its story begins in 2007 from a childhood dream. Employees there manually select the best coffee beans, and all the focus of their work in the industry is focused on preserving biodiversity, the environment and respect for human and nature. The cappuccino has a gentle and fluffy foam, and the combination of Arabica and Robusta is the perfect blend for soft taste.

Cocktails in the garden are also not to be missed because, although located on one of the busy boulevards in the city, Kriloto is hidden behind the well-kept greenery and offers the longed-for coolness during the months of heat. The bartenders are extremely experienced and the creation of original drinks is not a challenge at all. Of course, there are also total summer favorites such as the Italian Aperol Spritz and the Instagram-worthy pink gin Beefeater.

And to continue the idea of an unrestricted flight, which only the wings of our dreams can provide us, they have a little challenge to all visitors. They can choose their favorite phrases themselves and write them on Kriloto’s Facebook page so they can be printed and hung on the special columns next to the entrance. So everyone can be a decorator in their favorite place and share the lines that motivate them to move forward.

Kriloto isn’t just the place to have your coffee or drink, but the inspiration for all who have great dreams and aren’t afraid to pursue them!